(Winter Finale Preview) 911 Season 4 Episode 8 “Breaking Point” Release Date & Synopsis

911 Season 4 Episode 8

In the last episode 7 of 911 Season 4, we realized the unique relationship between mother and son. When Henrietta learns her mother lost her job and is evicted. Now she lives in her van near the park. He feels sad to see his mother in this condition, and now Henrietta wants to do something for her mother. Finally, Michael has started a new project. Buck is on a date. And keeps saying all the wrong things there. And later Buck apologizes for the strange date. Maddy and Bobby encounter a violent turkey.

As Episode 7 ended. In the meantime, the fan of 9-1-1 remains worried about whether we will be able to watch the new episode 8 of 911 next week. FOX is bringing a new episode for us which will be the winter finale episode of this season titled “Breaking Point”.
In the next episode, we will see 118 teams on the tarmac as quarantine has left a couple in a very stressed situation. On the other hand, Buck finds himself in the midst of Albert’s new relationship.

911 Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

911 Season 4 Episode 8 Synopsis

– The 118 are called to the tarmac when a flight attendant reaches her limit with her flight’s passengers. Athena discovers that quarantine has pushed a couple to their breaking point. Meanwhile, Eddie worries Christopher will not accept him dating, Buck reconnects with an old flame and finds himself in the middle of Albert’s new relationship and Maddie and Chimney make a big decision about their baby.

911 Season 4 Episode 8 release date is on  Monday, March 8 at 8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT on FOX.

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