Will The Worst Witch Return for Season 5?

Since its premiere in 2017, The Worst Witch has enchanted viewers by bringing the magical worlds of Jill Murphy‘s well-known books to life. At the end of Season 4, Mildred Hubble became the head girl at Cackle’s Academy and made peace with Ethel Hallow, who beat her. This ending leaves a lot of room for interesting new stories, like ones that explore Mildred’s new role as a leader. Fans are now asking if there will be a fifth season and more magic. Here is all the information we have about this show’s possible return.

Will there be a fifth season of The Worst Witch?

A fifth season is not official yet, but the last episode of The Worst Witch aired in early 2020. It’s been over four years since then, and a new season seems less and less likely. The delays caused by the pandemic and the actors getting too old for their parts make it very hard to keep the show going.

The outbreak has caused problems in the entertainment business, and The Worst Witch is no different. Safety rules and limits on filming have made it hard for many shows to move forward, which has caused major delays. This has definitely made it less likely that the series will continue.

One big problem with a fifth season is that the young group is getting old. Bella Ramsey, who used to play Mildred Hubble, quit the show after Season 3 for personal reasons. Lydia Page took over the part for Season 4, but as the cast gets older, it gets harder to make the young characters seem real.

Who Would Come Back in The Worst Witch Season 5?

It’s likely that the major cast would return if there was a fifth season. Lydia Page is expected to play Mildred Hubble again, and Megan Hughes will play Maud Spellbody and Tamara Smart will play Enid Nightshade. A lot of people think Jenny Richardson (Ethel Hallow) and Dagny Rollins (Felicity Foxglove) will be back too. Some of the show’s most important teachers, like Clare Higgins as Miss Ada Cackle and Raquel Cassidy as Miss Joy Hecate Hardbroom, would stay on.

The Worst Witch will live on even if it doesn’t come back for a fifth season. Many people have found joy and magic in the show, which faithfully adapts Jill Murphy’s stories for a new age. People will always remember Mildred Hubble and her friends’ adventures at Cackle’s Academy. This is how The Worst Witch’s magic lives on in the hearts of its fans.

What Happened in The Worst Witch? A Detailed Recap

The Worst Witch is a cute show about Mildred Hubble’s magical mistakes and adventures at Cackle’s Academy. Let’s get into each series and look at all the exciting parts and small details.

The Worst Witch Season 1

The Worst Witch Season 1

Mildred Hubble finds out she is a witch out of the blue, even though she doesn’t come from a witchy family. She starts going to Cackle’s Academy with the help of her new friend Maud Spellbody. Mildred has trouble with her schoolwork because, unlike her friends, she has never used magic before. Mildred is brave when she stops Agatha Cackle, the headmistress’s evil twin sister, from destroying the school, even though she is having a hard time. It’s not possible for Agatha to take over the school, and her magic is taken away. Mildred’s brave efforts get her a spot at Cackle’s, and she finishes her first year there.

The Worst Witch Season 2

The Worst Witch Season 2

Mildred comes back to Cackle’s in her second year as a more sure of herself witch. The finding of the founding stone, a strong magical artifact, starts a chain of events that put the school in danger. Esmeralda, Ethel Hallow’s older sister, is forced to take in the magic of the stone in order to save Sybil, their younger sister. This action throws off the power and starts to freeze the school. Mildred, Maud, Enid, and the Hallow sisters set out to fix the foundation stone. Mildred finds out from her family tree that she comes from a line of witches. Her grandmother Mirabelle gave up her magic to light the stone again many years ago. When it gets too cold for the academy to stay open, Mildred tries to cast the sacrifice spell herself, but Miss Mould stops her and gives up her own magic to save the school.

The Worst Witch Season 3

The Worst Witch Season 3

At the start of this series, Miss Cackle asks Mildred’s mom, Julie, to teach art at the school. Miss Hardbroom, the strict potions teacher, doesn’t like having Julie around. Mildred gives Julie special powers from a wishing star so that her mother can fit in. Julie is scared at first, but she starts to enjoy her new skills. On the other hand, she turns bad and turns people into clay figures. Mildred learns from Miss Hardbroom that she once made her friend Indigo Moon magical, but Indigo turned evil and was stuck in stone for thirty years. Mildred makes a medicine to save her mother. While she’s at it, she fixes up the clay figures and brings Indigo Moon back to life. Julie makes the choice to leave Cackle’s, but Indigo chooses to become a student there. Indigo has to pass the Witch Proficiency Exam in order to stay, which she does. However, she leaves when she finds out that Miss Hardbroom is an old friend. What Ethel does with another wishing star makes things even more chaotic, but the real Indigo and Miss Hardbroom are able to save the day.

The Worst Witch Season 4

The Worst Witch Season 4

Ethel puts a spell on Mildred to stop her from becoming head girl, but Mildred doesn’t give up and competes against Ethel. Mildred quits the race at one point, but she returns after having a vision of Ethel as head girl in front of an empty school. Felicity Foxglove, an ally of Ethel’s, messes up Mildred’s potion during the battle. This turns Miss Cackle into glass and sends Mildred to Wormwood Academy for Undesirable Witches. Ethel frees Agatha from a picture, and she takes over Cackle’s again. Maud finds out that Mildred is not guilty and goes to Wormwood with her to escape. Agatha changes the Witches’ Promise, which makes the kids disappear. They need to say the name of Agatha’s first familiar to turn this around. After taking Mr. Daisy’s medicine to get better, Miss Cackle says the name and sets everyone free. Agatha knows what will happen and goes back to the picture. Mildred is now Head Girl and Maud is Deputy Head Girl because of how brave she is. Ethel says she’s sorry for what she did, makes things right with Mildred, and now she’s her advisor.

The Worst Witch has been a hit for four seasons, with its magical mix of friendship, adventure, and magic. Each series adds to the magical world of Cackle’s Academy and gets to know the characters better. It’s still not clear what will happen with The Worst Witch, but Cackle’s Academy and its charming students will always be remembered.

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