Who Plays Remy Scott’s Girlfriend April Brooks in FBI: Most Wanted?

Remy Scott's Girlfriend April

On FBI: Most Wanted, Special Agent Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) is the leader of the Fugitive Task Force, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have room in his heart for a little bit of romance. In the season 3 finale episode, “A Man Without a Country,” The Fugitive Task Force is looking into an art heist that claimed the lives of six persons, including two US Marshalls. The crew goes after Sarkov when Remy discovers his involvement. Polina (Lyanka Gryu), who opposes everything her father stands for, is made the offer by the squad, but she declines. Sarkov makes a rush for the Russian embassy where he has struck a deal, or so he believes, and everything turns out fine in the end. Sarkov was shocked more than everyone else when a guard approached him and shot him dead.

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Remy’s new girlfriend, who departed for a conference after having a passionate night with him, is one individual who made the correct decision to leave town at the right time. So who is the woman that has Remy spellbound? She is April Brooks, a judge. They first met during Season 3 of Most Wanted “Greatest Hits” episode on May 10. . The first meeting was entirely business-related. Remy requested the judge’s help in a situation where he needed a warrant, but there wasn’t enough evidence to support it. But Remy’s still going strong with Judge April Brooks, whom he last saw in FBI: Most Wanted Season 3, finale during an auction. Remy ended up asking April out on a date after learning that his ex-wife had moved on and met a new boyfriend. Let’s here (tvacute.com) find out Who Plays Remy Scott’s Girlfriend April Brooks.

Who Plays Remy Scott’s Girlfriend April Brooks in FBI: Most Wanted?

On FBI: Most Wanted, Wendy Moniz plays Remy’s current girlfriend April. The remarkable 53-year-old actress has a strong acting background in real life. Moniz’s first role on TV was as Dinah Marler in the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. From 1995 to 1999, she was the main character on a TV show, and she was nominated for two Soap Opera Digest Awards. In 2000 and 2002, Moniz came back as a guest star. Other well-known television shows including Nash Bridges, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, House of Cards, ABC drama series Betrayal and Law & Order: Organized Crime have used the FBI: Most Wanted star in multiple episode arcs. Governor Lynelle Perry on Yellowstone is one of her other recent prominent performances. She began as Lynelle as a guest star in 2018, then for Yellowstone Season 5, she was elevated to a series regular.

Wendy Moniz, is she wed? Has she ever had kids?

Wendy’s Wikipedia profile states that she was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He is part Portuguese and part Irish. In 1991, she went to Siena College in Loudonville, New York. she had previously been married twice. From 1991 to 1996, she was married to David Birsner. In 2000, she wed Frank Grillo, a former co-star in the television series Guiding Light. Before getting divorced in 2020, Frank and Wendy welcomed two sons into their marriage: Liam and Rio Joseph Grillo.

Will Wendy make a comeback in “FBI: Most Wanted” as Judge April Brooks?

CBS has officially recognized April Brooks as a recurring character on FBI: Most Wanted as of the “Gold Diggers” episode from October 11. Even while we don’t yet know how frequently Wendy Moniz will appear this season, it’s safe to anticipate she’ll make an appearance at least a few more times. She is still Remy’s girlfriend, after all! Additionally, Dylan McDermott explained to Deadline why he believed that his character would benefit from a romance:

DEADLINE: Are you happy viewers are seeing Remy explore a new romance?

McDermott: I wanted to see some romance for him. I think that’s something people like to watch. Remy’s heart is still available and that’s what’s cool about it. He’s divorced and he’s been through it but there’s something about how he’s kept his innocence along the way. He’s still playful. I love that.

DEADLINE: Although things are new between Remy and the judge, things seem to be going well. Would you agree?

McDermott: Yes, he was very persistent. He really likes her and kept showing up at her place. I think once he knows that’s the person, he is all in.

DEADLINE: Does it complicate things at all that she’s a judge?

McDermott: Yeah, I’m sure on some level but I think they try to keep it separate. I love that Remy calls her judge. He’s reminding everyone that she’s a judge including himself. They try to keep the boundary as much as they can. I think he needs someone who is really smart and is going to put him in his place.

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