FBI Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: Is Tiffany’s cousin El Feo Dead? Ending Explained!

FBI Season 5 Episode 5: Tiffany's Past

The focal point of FBI Season 5 Episode 5 was the murder of a wealthy accountant. It didn’t take the team long to find out that he was Frank Leone (Erik Parillo) and that his fancy sportscar had been shot up. Frank’s laptop was quickly examined, and it became clear that his client was the notorious gangster El Feo. Tiffany (Katherine Renee Turner) used to work with a cop who was El Feo’s cousin, which was an even more ridiculous coincidence. Additionally, he had recently contacted her regarding a gun charge. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in FBI Season 5 Episode, 5 recap continue reading at tvacute.com.

FBI Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

An entrepreneur was murdered in the open. The name of the victim was Frank Leone. It was popular. He was discovered still wearing a $10,000 watch. The murderers weren’t even interested in robbing him. They only desired his demise. which was going to bite them later. Due to Frank’s reputation and the fact that local police were unable to speak to anyone about his death, the FBI launched an investigation. Rich accountant Frank was. He previously had a position at a sizable company. He left them to become independent, and it seemed to have been successful for him. He was doing well, as was his family. Recently, they started turning everything into cash. They carried out the action because Frank turned on his most important client.

Frank ended up serving as a US Attorney’s eyewitness. He was assisting them in compiling evidence against the infamous drug boss known as “El Feo (Mike Seal) .” El Feo had no mercy. By helping the government catch him, Frank was doing everyone a favor, but when the grand jury against him was called, El Feo recognized someone had spoken. He has been travelling about the company. murdering everybody he could. Along the way, he was also erasing physical reminders of his empire. He was unaware of the notes Frank had left. Fearing that something would happen to him, Frank was anxious. He gave his wife a file containing all of his collection. If something occurred to him, he instructed her to send information to the police.

When the FBI told the wife of her husband’s murder, the wife did just that. They were able to link El Feo’s operation to a seemingly innocent family woman because to the file she handed over. Margaret Saunders was her full name. She had no known connection to El Feo, according to the FBI. When they discovered both she and her husband dead, they went over to her house to inquire her. The husband was shortly murdered. She suffered torment. El Feo is concluding any open ends. He was engaging everyone in it. However, those who knew him well were not shocked by his massacre of his own people. Tiffany knew the cousin of El Feo. Together, they attended the police academy. and despite him not dying, we still maintain our friendship.

She even helped Ralphie Dalton (Will Dalton) a few weeks ago when he asked for assistance. He was charged with unauthorized use of a firearm. Tiffany informed him that there was nothing she could do at the time when he inquired if there was any way to prevent him from going to jail. Since then, only things have changed. Tiffany informed her superiors about her relationship with Dalton. She believed Dalton could help them learn more about El Feo. They concurred. Special Agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd) accompanied Tiffany as she went to talk to Dalton about turning against his cousin. Each person saw Ralphie. He had his own locksmith business. His condition was good.

Dalton was nonetheless still upset at his cousin. He ascribed El Feo’s overdose to his brother. He also thought it was unfair that despite doing everything correctly, El Feo had a mansion and he was having trouble making ends meet. Dalton didn’t require persuasion to turn on his cousin. He has opposed him. He declined to join El Feo’s group for this reason. Dalton cooperated with the FBI, and they gave the go-ahead for him to visit his cousin. Later, Dalton wore a wire. He travelled to his cousin’s house. He cracked jokes about his cousin. Even more, he concealed a few cameras. Dalton got close enough to El Feo’s technology to mirror it.

All of this was done without being discovered. Dalton remained resentful. Scola, not Tiff, was the one who observed. Dalton had saved their lives, though, so the government didn’t need him to bring charges against the gunmen. A few blocks away, one of the shooters was captured on a surveillance camera. The shooter was occupied with removing his mask. He was recognised as Marcus Thierre. They had trouble finding him at first, but they eventually did. They picked him up. He was a new father, and they manipulated him into turning against his partner. He revealed that Junior Luiz was his partner. Luiz was to be arrested by the FBI. They later discovered him dead from a forced overdose, thus they had no way to link El Feo to the attack on a protected witness.

FBI Season 5 Episode 5: Is Tiffany’s cousin El Feo Dead? Ending!

Despite their scanty proof, they were nevertheless going to detain El Feo. El Feo, though, fled. The FBI tracked his automobile to a wooded area after he silently left his home without telling anyone. They saw Dalton’s automobile there as well. Dalton had kidnapped his cousin. In order to stop him from killing El Feo because of what had happened to his brother, Tiffany was forced to shoot her buddy. However, El Feo then seized the gun from dead Dalton, and Scola then shoots El Feo.


Tiffany found it difficult to accept their failure because she was aware that Scola had been correct. Dalton wasn’t prepared for the task at hand. And to think that Dalton may have joined the police force if he had revealed to his superior officer who else had joined him for a night of drinking before he was arrested for being unruly. Tiffany owed Dalton her badge as a result. He remained devoted throughout.

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