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Who killed Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred?

Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred

The horrifying and unsettling tale of Manfred and Marísia von Richthofen‘s murders in 2002 still captivates people’s attention across the globe. Not only did this horrific murder rock Brazil, but it also sparked a wave of documentaries, films, and books about it. We will examine the people involved, their motivations, and the consequences of this tragic occurrence as we delve further into the enigmatic case of the von Richthofen murders in this article.

Who killed Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred?

Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred family

Suzane Louise von Richthofen, whose name has come to be associated with one of Brazil’s most notorious murder cases, is the main character in this terrible story. Suzane was born on November 3, 1983, the daughter of German engineer Manfred Albert von Richthofen and Brazilian psychiatrist Marisia von Richthofen, who was of Italian and Lebanese ancestry. It’s interesting to note that the von Richthofen family is purportedly linked to Manfred von Richthofen, the renowned flying ace of World War I.

As we learn more about the horrific crime, the plot becomes more complex. Suzane hatched a horrible scheme to kill her own parents on the fatal night of October 31, 2002, with the assistance of her boyfriend Daniel Cravinhos and his brother Christian Cravinhos. This horrible deed was motivated by a complicated interplay between selfish goals and monetary gain.

How Did Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred die?

Marísia von Richthofen and Manfred- kids-compressed

The real sequence of events that lead to the killings is an intense thriller in the making. The terrible chain of events was set in motion by Suzane, who had spent months methodically planning the death of her parents. After making sure her parents were asleep that terrible night, she turned off the family’s estate’s alarm system. This made it possible for Daniel Cravinhos, her boyfriend, and his brother Christian to enter the residence covertly.

Before strangling Manfred and Marísia with towels, the two invaders attacked them viciously with iron rods. Suzane, meantime, stayed in the living room, waiting nervously for the terrible news. After completing their murders, the three went to considerable measures to create the illusion that a break-in had occurred. To further fool authorities, they made a mess and took advantage of money they found in the property. After that, Suzane and Daniel visited a love hotel, and Christian ate casually at a fast-food restaurant.

Suzane and Daniel went back home in the wee hours of the morning after picking up her younger brother Andreas, who was waiting at an internet café. They then pretended to “discover” the crime scene and called the police right away to report what appeared to be a murder and burglary.

But when the investigators discovered contradictions and odd conduct related to the case, they became skeptical. They didn’t believe the burglary report and thought the offenders might be acquainted with the victims. This prompted them to interrogate the family’s workers in addition to the von Richthofen children. Their misgivings were heightened by Suzane’s odd conduct and the alarm system that wasn’t working in the residence. The day following the murder, she was spotted in the home’s swimming pool with Daniel. Shortly after her parents’ funeral, she even celebrated her 19th birthday with friends.

Investigating further, the investigators discovered the unsettling truth behind the incident. Their suspicions were heightened when they learned that Christian had bought a motorcycle not long after the killings, exceeding his usual salary by R$100 in cash and huge bills. Just a few days after the killings, on November 9, 2002, Suzane, Daniel, and Christian were taken into custody. Specifically, Suzane admitted to being involved in the murder quite quickly.

What were the motives behind these heinous crimes?

Suzane, Daniel, and Christian

This horrifying crime has many unsettling motivations. Suzane’s parents had first given their approval for her to date Daniel, but they soon had second thoughts after learning about his marijuana usage patterns, his refusal to work or go to school, and his lower-class upbringing. During Suzane’s parents’ vacation in July 2002, Daniel spent a month living in the von Richthofen family house. Suzane suggested that her parents buy an apartment so she and Daniel could live there after they got back. Her father, however, objected, saying she had to earn her own money in order to make such choices.

Suzane continued to meet Daniel in secret, claiming love was the driving force behind her behavior. In addition, she was afraid that if her parents remained in the photo, Daniel would abandon her. Her attorney maintained that she had no ulterior motivation and that Daniel, whom she really respected, had forced her into the crime.

But the huge wealth—roughly $17 million—of the von Richthofen family added another nasty layer to the motivation. When Suzane’s parents passed away, she was eligible to inherit this considerable inheritance. Suzane, according to prosecutor Roberto Tardelli, was motivated by a desire to inherit her parents’ hard-earned wealth rather than having to work for it.

Suzane and her brother Andreas vehemently refuted Cravinhos’ allegation throughout the trial that Suzane had been molested by her father. Although there was no evidence of alcohol in the von Richthofen parents’ corpses at the time of the autopsy, the defense also claimed that they were alcoholics.

Suzane’s plea for release was turned down in 2018, with the reason given that her narcissistic personality disorder and egocentrism were severe personality flaws that might have played a role in her criminal behavior.

How did the trial unfold, and what were the verdicts?

The ensuing trial was a stressful and intense experience. Suzane von Richthofen and the brothers Cravinhos were charged on June 5, 2006, with homicídio qualificado, which is Brazilian law for first-degree murder. After several postponements, the trial finally got underway on July 17 of that year.

Suzane attempted to portray Daniel Cravinhos as the crime’s mastermind by shifting the responsibility on him throughout the trial. The Cravinhos brothers, on the other hand, claimed that they carried out Suzane’s instructions. Prosecutor Roberto Tardelli, however, ruled Suzane the real mastermind behind the crime. He advocated for each of the three offenders to get a sentence of fifty years in jail.

The ruling was rendered on July 22, 2006. Daniel Cravinhos was also given a 40-year prison sentence, in addition to Suzane. Christian, his brother, received a 38-year term for his participation in the plot.

Where is Suzane von Richthofen now?

Suzane and  Felipe Zecchini Muniz

Suzane von Richthofen spent 16 years in detention in the Penitenciária Feminina Santa Maria Eufrásia Pelletier in Tremembé, São Paulo, following her trial and imprisonment. However, her release on probation in January 2023 marked a momentous development.

Unexpectedly, Suzane made the decision to live alone in the rural city of Angatuba, where her ex-boyfriend’s family is located. She was able to start over in this sleepy little town. Suzane garnered media attention and public outcry in February of the same year when she revealed she was launching an internet store to sell a variety of Brazilian goods.

Suzane is currently living in Bragança Paulista and is seeing a doctor there by the name of Felipe Zecchini Muniz. Isabela, a girl, is the first child Felipe and his wife are expecting together. Felipe is a divorced guy with three children from a prior relationship.