Who Is Romeo Escobar? 5 Things To Know About Survivor Romeo Escobar

Who Is Romeo Escobar? 5 Things To Know About Survivor Romeo Escobar

Romeo Escobar is one of five men still in the competition to win ‘Survivor.’ He was nearly voted out just a few episodes ago. In Season 42 of Survivor, Romeo Escobar may have an easy path to the final three. The following four competitors have made significant moves or excelled in the game’s social and/or physical aspects. Romeo, on the other hand, has kept a low profile, making him the ideal guy to sit next to during the final tribal council. If Romeo makes it to the end, he’ll have to go to any length to convince the jury that he deserves to win the $1 million prize and the title of sole Survivor. Lindsay Dolashewich, Mike Turner, Jonathan Young, and Maryanne Oketch are the remaining players in the game, so it won’t be easy. Read on to learn more about Who Is Romeo Escobar?

1. What Is Romeo’s Job?

Romeo is a pageant director. He is also a television producer, talent booker, and publicist, according to his Instagram bio. “I’ve always wanted to work in the industry,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to own my own pageant, and now I have.” I always wanted to explore the world, and now I have. “I always achieve my objectives.”

2. Romeo has won an Emmy Award.

Romeo has won three Emmy Awards for his work as a television producer. His profession requires him to attend a number of high-profile red carpet events. Entertainment Tonight and Insider have both used Romeo’s services. Cal State Northridge awarded him a degree in Television Production.

3. Romeo is a foreigner

When Romeo was five years old, he moved to America. His ancestors were from a developing country. He explained, “[My parents] wanted a better life for their family.” “Despite not knowing the language, they were able to construct a home and provide me with a better life than they had as children.”

4. Romeo is a homosexual

The heartbreaking scene in which Romeo came out to his whole Survivor tribe was not shown to viewers, but it was released as a deleted scene on Entertainment Weekly. Romeo told fellow competitor Hai Giang on the show that many of his family members are unaware that he is gay. He emphasised that several of them would learn what they needed to know by watching the show. He told the remaining tribe members about his sexuality in the deleted sequence. During the scene, Romeo became emotional, but everyone provided him comfort.

5. Romeo’s Dogfather

Romeo told Parade that he had owned his dog, Dolce, for 15 years. He said, “She’s like my daughter.” “So simply being able to cuddle with her in be will keep me smiling even when the game is at its lowest moment.”

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