Who are Danny and Ish in The Last of Us? Explained!

The fourth episode of The Last of Us, focused on the developing relationship between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and the fifth episode titled, “Endure and Survive,” unveils another pair of brothers Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Montreal Woodard), also attempting to escape Kansas City. In contrast to episode 3 which demonstrated the joy of opening up to another person during the end of the world, episode 5 demonstrated the agony of love and loss in this hellish setting. Henry and Sam were the most prominent, but there were two more about whom viewers were curious. Who were Danny and Ish in The Last of Us?  (www.tvacute.com) are going to tell you everything we know thus far. So, let’s find out.

Who are Danny and Ish in The Last of Us?

There is, first of all, a child’s sketch of the two that was discovered in the sewers where their community had taken refuge following the outbreak. Danny and Ish standing side by side in what seems to be military armour and clutching firearms. If you look closely, you can tell that Ish is the leaner and more nimble of the two, while Danny is heavier and sporting a baseball cap.  A picture of two men named Danny and Ish, with the words “our protectors,” is discovered by Joel. Part 1 of The Last of Us reveals that Ish is a man who went underground and found a family in the nearby suburbs while searching for supplies. A neighbourhood was established after Ish welcomed his relatives. When Ish finally did meet Danny, the two of them took turns guarding the secret base (as seen in the drawing). One of the doors, however, was left open at some point, allowing a horde of the infected to enter. Even though Ish and Susan, the mother of the first family Ish found, were among the lucky few who managed to flee the city and make it to the suburbs, their whereabouts after that is a mystery.

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 Are Danny and Ish in The last of Us Game?

In the game, Danny and Ish are killed off at some point, but there is a wealth of information about them provided by notes and letters that can be found across the world. If you’re curious about the identities of these two guardians, read on.   In The Last of Us, the game, you get access to Ish’s hidden underground community. While Ish was out scavenging, he met Danny, and before long, he was an integral part of their community. As they scavenged for weapons and supplies among the bodies of fallen soldiers, the two men emerged as the community’s protectors.

The brutality of the post-apocalyptic world is epitomized by the fate that befell their village. After working so hard, everything collapsed in an instant because someone had left a door unlocked. The infected flooded their town and tore it apart in an instant. There were sick people outside, but Ish, Susan, and a few of youngsters (not Susan’s own children) escaped and locked the doors behind them. Susan’s husband, Kyle, was left behind and ended up in a closet with a group of kids while the swarm of zombies tried to break in through the door. Based on the contents of one message, we concluded that Kyle killed the kids and then himself to protect them from the infected. Ish and Susan and a small group of survivors fled to the suburbs, where Ish vowed to defend the remaining members of their community. Their deaths are never explained, and neither Danny’s nor our own fates are ever clarified. In an interview for IGN’s Podcast Beyond, Neil Druckmann, the man responsible for The Last of Us Game, said that a message from Ish detailing what happened to him and his village was meant to be discovered in a Colorado shopping mall in The Last of US: Left Behind. But Druckmann thought it was too coincidental, so they scrapped the plan and instead let the players come up with their own theories about what happened to Ish and Danny. The only real differences are that this didn’t occur in Pittsburgh but rather in Kansas City and that they weren’t technically in the sewers but rather the tunnels beneath KC. While it is unclear whether or not Ish was also a fisherman, this fact is ultimately irrelevant to the plot.

In The Last of Us, did Danny and Ish join FEDRA?

Joel and Ellie see a drawing in the underground compound that depicts Danny and Ish wearing armour that looks strikingly similar to FEDRA military gear. Is that to say that Danny and Ish weren’t FEDRA members? There’s a possibility that they were originally part of FEDRA but defected after learning how evil and nasty the group was in Kansas City. Perhaps they established a secret society and guarded it because they didn’t want to rape, murder, and torment people for twenty years. The armour and weapons Danny and Ish wore to protect their town likely came from the bodies of fallen warriors, much like in the game. Because of this, rather than because they were actual FEDRA soldiers, the kid depicted them in FEDRA armour.

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