Where Was Totally Killer (2023) Filmed?

Take “Totally Killer,” a horror-comedy that combines Halloween vibes, true crime, and time travel fancies, on a voyage into the heart of cinematic creativity. With a modern twist, this picture, which is available on Prime Video, is sure to captivate fans of the genre. It was released in the ’80s. The film’s thorough attention to set design and location filming delivers a riveting behind-the-scenes peek at the magic of filmmaking, which only serves to heighten the interest.

tvacute will discover the core of the story and the distinctive components that give “Totally Killer” life as we explore the plot and complexities of the movie. Discover the mysteries behind the scenes as we take you on an excursion of the movie’s filming sites, from the well-known to the lesser-known.

“Totally Killer Plot”: Navigating the Crossroads of Horror, and Time Travel

The intriguing narrative of “Totally Killer” centers on Jamie, a 17-year-old played by Kiernan Shipka. The story starts when Jamie meets the infamous Sweet Sixteen Killer on Halloween night. While running from this insane person who had done horrible things 35 years earlier, Jamie discovers a surprising turn of events: time travel. After being sent back in time to 1987, Jamie is determined to stop the initial killings in order to change the path of history.

The audience is gripped by a compelling narrative that is skillfully woven together by the unusual fusion of humor, horror, and time travel. The narrative of the movie approaches the 1980s in a novel way, dodging the cliched and overly humorous portrayal that is present in many other works. Instead, director Nahnatchka Khan chooses a more nuanced examination of the period, enabling the actors to fit in naturally without succumbing to overly dramatic clichés.

Where Was Totally Killer (Prime Video) Filmed?

The perfectly selected shooting locations that provide the backdrop for this cinematic masterpiece are also imbued with a certain charm that transcends “Totally Killer”‘s narrative. Vancouver, Canada was deliberately chosen by the production team as the location for bringing the story to life. The film’s atmospheric richness is enhanced by the city’s variety of venues, which range from an isolated cottage in the woods to a typical house party from the 1980s.

Director Nahnatchka Khan highlights the pursuit of authenticity while providing insight into the filming process. A generous couple who graciously opened their home for our cinematic attempt recorded the ’80s house party scene, a tribute to John Hughes films, in their bedroom. The crew’s meticulous attention to detail is demonstrated by the fact that they even set up a waterbed for a particularly special scenario. According to Khan, “This lovely couple let us shoot in their bedroom, where we rigged up the whole waterbed kill.” These unique additions give the movie’s artistic vitality.

Finding the ideal remote cottage for the teenage ladies in the story was one of the production team’s challenges. While skiing on a day off, Liz Kay, the production designer, happened across the perfect place. She noticed a cabin as she ascended the chairlift, and following closer inspection, it proved to be the ideal match. But the realities of filming in a tiny, remote cabin created an additional level of difficulty. “We had to put on the right shoes and gear to even get in,” says cinematographer Judd Overton. The haunted cabin in the woods seemed like the ideal setting for the story, but in actuality, its small size made it less ideal.

The production of “Totally Killer” was greatly aided by the Bridge Studios, located at 2400 Boundary Road in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. This studio, a well-known center for television and film productions, served as the backdrop for a number of sequences, enhancing the visual storytelling of the film.

"Totally Killer" Location

Another interesting fact about the location is that Templeton High School is actually Vernon High School. In the film industry, it is customary to use various places to portray fictional situations, which enhances the storytelling process. The careful consideration that goes into each shot of “Totally Killer” is highlighted by the blend of real locations and calculated decisions.

The visual language used by the design team reflects the film’s dedication to encapsulating the spirit of 1987. The ’80s are portrayed in director Khan’s work in a subtler manner than in many series and movies from that decade. As a result, Jamie, a Gen Zer, is able to traverse the 1980s without the movie having to rely on clichéd jokes about fashion and haircuts.

To preserve visual coherence, the design team—led by production designer Liz Kay and costume designer Patti Henderson—kept to a certain color scheme. those from the 1980s were decorated in warm tones, but those set in the present or the future had cooler tones. This well-considered decision gives the movie an extra level of sophistication while guaranteeing that the visual components enhance the story without being overpowering.

Interestingly, the production team had trouble duplicating several aspects, like an amusement park with a carnival. Even though they were unable to get into a park, they worked with Canadian carnies to borrow supplies and set up a working carnival in a parking lot. The disassembly and reassembling of an antique picture booth and the utilization of a functional Gravitron rollercoaster, which is portrayed in the movie as The Quantum Drop, demonstrate the team’s commitment. “I wanted an original one because I wanted some of the real parts, where the pictures come out on the side,” says Liz Kay, describing the process of acquiring the vintage photo booth. Since they are too difficult to create, it is preferable to use the framework of an existing one and modify it.”

The waterbed sequence was a critical design event that needed careful consideration. In addition to creating the waterbed, Liz Kay and her crew made sure it was thoughtfully planned to accommodate the required action. Judd Overton, the cinematographer, emphasizes the amount of work that went into the moment, saying, “We spent a lot of time designing that scene and having water spouts emerge as the killer stabs and misses the girl. The girl is seen getting dressed up and not realizing the danger, which truly appeals to those corny teenage feelings.”

Essentially, the film “Totally Killer”‘s filming locations and design elements become essential parts of the movie’s identity, surpassing its utilitarian value. Audiences are transported between eras and genres with ease thanks to the careful curation of ’80s aesthetics, The Bridge Studios’ adaptability, and the different landscapes of Vancouver.

When we peel back the layers of “Totally Killer,” we find a movie that defies narrative norms and immerses audiences in a universe where the screenplay is not the end of the story. Realistic settings combined with painstaking design and a dedication to visual narrative weave a cinematic tapestry that enthralls amuses, and leaves a lasting impact. Explore the world of “Totally Killer” to see the magic that happens when skill and narrative come together in the cinematic medium.

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