Where was Significant Other Filmed?

Significant Other Movie Locations: Where was Significant Other Filmed?

A young couple named Ruth (Maika Monroe) and Harry (Jake Lacy) sets out on a trek in the new movie Significant Other, but this outing gradually progresses from uncomfortable to stressful to absolutely horrific. The film’s progression ends up simulating the sense of setting off on an unforeseen journey since every time the audience turns a corner, a terrifying new discovery is revealed. when they begin to suspect they might not be alone. In addition, the tale is a remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest, which raises the intriguing question of where the exciting scenes for “Significant Other” were shot. Here (tvacute.com) is what we discovered if you are interested in learning Where was Significant Other Filmed?

Was “Significant Other” Filmed in the Pacific Northwest Forests?

Yes, the majority of the movie was filmed in the Pacific Northwest. The sci-fi thriller by the writing/directed Dan Berk and Robert Olsen was produced amid the height of the COVID outbreak. What was intended to be shot on an iPhone instead ended up in the hands of Paramount Plus, who assisted in expanding the picture from its original scope.  Significant Other was filmed in the fall, one of the wettest seasons ever, in the Pacific Northwest. The team had a lot of skill and was accustomed to filming in the woods. Each and every technical crew member in this film had worked on ten different outdoor films or television programs. It went quite smoothly because they were in good hands. they used the topography of the terrain to create all the locales in the movie as they appear to be. In some of the situations, they needed to tether performers and crew to trees because they were on a real cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Northwest-Map


According to Robert Olsen, The shooting itself was pretty crazy, but scouting different cliff locations with no defense against the elements, we obviously realized we couldn’t shoot in certain locations. We were really out there. All the locations in the film are what they appear to be; we worked with the topography of the land. None of it is built sets.

Significant Other Movie Locations: Portland

“We had a very specific idea of what we wanted the woods to feel like. Although the movie takes place in this very, very vast outdoors, it’s still a single location in many ways,” Dan  Berk described to ComicBook.com about the film’s setting. “And so, you have the same challenge you do with a limited location movie of location fatigue, of the audience getting bored of looking at four white walls, or in this case, a bunch of trees. And so we knew we needed gorgeous, old-growth forest that also had enough space in between trees to actually be able to mount a production effectively, and also variety within that, so we could actually express to the viewer different locations within an hour radius of Portland. And then, obviously, the coast being that incredibly dramatic topography and look. So yeah, it was certainly going to be somewhere along the Pacific … It was either going to be Oregon or Washington or Vancouver, but Portland was our number one choice, and that’s where we landed.” So, Significant Other’s principal filming takes place in Portland.

“Silver Falls, Oregon, USA”

The movie was filmed in Oregon (Silver Falls State Park and the Oregon Coast) during the 2021–22 production period. according to Oregon Confluence. The Oregon Coast is a part of the U.S. state of Oregon that is on the coast. On the west, it is next to the Pacific Ocean, and on the east, it is next to the Oregon Coast Range. People call it the “crown jewel” of Oregon State Parks. Silver Falls State Park is the kind of beautiful place that puts Oregon on the map across the country and around the world. It is Oregon’s biggest state park. According to Maika Monroe, It was probably one of my favorite sets because every day was an insanely beautiful location.   Twilight, The Hunted, and Fight Like Ana all used locations in “Silver Falls, Oregon, USA” while filming.

There was one set up where deep in the woods, there was a tree that was 12 feet across that had fallen and its root system is up. Directors Dan Berk and Bobby Olsen were like, “We’re almost afraid to shoot how we want to shoot it because it looks fake. It’s going to look like we are on a sound stage. It’s too perfect. It’s too perfect for the purposes that we need. It’s going to look like we went to the carpenters and said, ‘Can you build me a tree with a root system that perfectly allows an adult woman to fit inside?’” We ended up shooting it a little off-kilter to that so it didn’t look staged. But it’s incredible when the scope of the story is intimate in this personal way, but then the expanse surrounding it is where you’re filming. You’re not shooting in Atlanta and being like, “Let’s pretend this is the Pacific Northwest.” There’s no way. This is so specific. It was wonderful. According to the interview with Maika and Jake the list.

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