Where was Fool Me Once (2024) filmed?

Fool Me Once,” a new Netflix show that starts on New Year’s Day, takes viewers on an exciting trip that’s similar to entering the world of Harlan Coben, a famous crime writer whose books have captivated readers all over the world.  “Fool Me Once” is an interesting story about Maya Stern, played by the skilled Michelle Keegan. At the beginning of the show, Maya is still dealing with the brutal death of her husband Joe, played by Richard Armitage. The story takes an interesting turn, though, when Joe suddenly shows up on Maya’s nanny cam and makes her question what’s real.
Maya starts an investigation because she wants to find the truth. The investigation reveals a mysterious plot that links the killings. As the story goes through the green English countryside, it takes viewers to a world where every scene is full of mystery. Maya’s journey is one of strength and relentless chase, and she is always aware of a strange plot that is threatening to overshadow her. As Coben’s stories always do, the characters’ feelings are thrown into chaos, and the plot takes unexpected turns that keep the readers guessing. The places where the series was shot are very important for creating a realistic atmosphere that makes watching them more enjoyable. tvacute delves into the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Where was Fool Me Once (2024) filmed?

The main filming for “Fool Me Once” took place in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester in the UK. Some parts were also shot in Spain. The choice to film in the UK gives the show a unique charm by combining modern and historical settings that add to the drama of the story. The main filming began in February 2023 and was done in August of that same year.
Fool Me Once Filming Locations
A lot of the show takes place in and around Manchester, which is also home to Quay Street Productions, the company that makes the show.  At the Runway Visitor Park, where Maya and Joe meet for the first time at a fancy dinner under the wings of the famous Concorde. This real-life spot near Manchester Airport is where the first scenes of the show take place. It adds a touch of glitz to the plot. The short but powerful shooting took place in Bolton, which is in the Greater Manchester area. Scenes were filmed around the Bolton Magistrates Court on Black Horse Street and Le Mans Crescent along Queen Street.
The peaceful farmland of Cheshire is the main setting for “Fool Me Once.” A lot of the story takes place in the civil parish of Alderley Edge, which shows off Maya’s modern home in the town. Arley Hall and Gardens in Cheshire are changed into Farmwood, a made-up estate where the Birkett family lives. The beautiful Arley Hall and grounds in Northwich, Cheshire, are a key setting in the series. Important parts of the story take place at Philips Park Cemetery in Miles Platting and on the grounds of Arley Hall.  Maya’s fancy and up-to-date home in the made-up town of Winhurst is set in Alderley Edge in Cheshire.  They add a historical and elegant touch to the story.
The show’s producer, Jessica Taylor, stresses how important it is to make a made-up town called Winhurst that fits in perfectly with the filming sites. The goal wasn’t just to show off famous sites; it was also to find less well-known but visually interesting places that fit into the story.
Alexandra Park in Oldham in Greater Manchester, England is used as a strangely beautiful background for scenes that show how Joe was killed in the past. Victorian follies and a beautiful bridge in the park set the scene for this important moment, giving the story more meaning.
The Stockport Air Raid Shelters in Manchester are used as the home of the strange character CoreytheWhistle, making an underground setting perfect for a computer hacker’s hideout. During World War II, air raid shelters were dug under Stockport, which is 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Manchester. They are almost 1 mile (1.6 km) long and were built to protect people in the area during air strikes.
The Peveril of The Peak is one of Manchester‘s most famous pubs, and it’s where classic old-fashioned pub scenes happen. The classic look of the pub’s interior sets the scene for Detective Sami Kierce’s times of relaxation, adding to the show’s immersive atmosphere.
The Walker family home is filmed in Bramhall, which adds to the show’s attention to detail in making settings that seem real. The English neighborhood of Bramhall is in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport in the city of Greater Manchester.
Halifax, a market town in West Yorkshire, is a small but important setting for the show. Sports car scenes were filmed near the Orange Street roundabout in the middle of Halifax town. The show’s visual appeal was enhanced by the presence of important landmarks such as the Piece Hall and Halifax Minster Church.
A key scene in the show takes place in the Castlefield Viaduct in Manchester, which was just opened. The National Trust owns the viaduct, and its industrial look adds a new visual element to the story. It also shows that the show can use both past and modern settings.
The show takes an interesting side trip to El Chorrillo, Spain, where the empty, dry land is used as a canvas by directors. This shooting location is Pechina in the southeast coastal province of Almería. It has pre-built sets of a run-down village that stand in stark contrast to the lush English countryside.
Most of the series took place in locations in the UK, but the choice to include Andalusia shows that the creators care about visual variety and story depth. The show’s producer, Jessica Taylor, says that the shooting in Andalusia was meant to show a hot climate that was very different from the UK locations. This choice was made on purpose to make the series more visually and thematically interesting, turning it from a local mystery to a worldwide thriller.
The different places where Fool Me Once” was filmed give it more depth and create a visual tapestry that improves the story and brings Coben’s writing to life. The people who made “Fool Me Once” don’t just see places as backgrounds; they see them as important parts of the story. The thorough choice of each setting shows the desire to make a world that is both familiar and strange, luring viewers to get lost in the drama.

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