Where is Con Survivor Mischele Lewis Now?

The Other Mrs. Jordan looks to be a compelling addition to the growing field of true crime documentaries, revealing the inner workings of a man who was considerably more complex than he appeared. Soon to premiere on ITVX, this captivating three-part documentary explores the amazing story of William Allen Jordan, a skilled manipulator who woven a lie so complex that even those closest to him were unable to see through it.

As the name implies, The Other Mrs. Jordan tells the startling tale of a man who, in the early 2000s, persuaded Mary Turner Thompson, his British wife, that he was a CIA agent who was closely involved in counterterrorism operations. But the mask of this supposed hero soon came off as another woman surfaced, posing as his “other” spouse. The world discovered the startling truth about Jordan at this same moment: he was a pathological liar, sexual predator, and serial bigamist.

The mission of Mary Turner Thompson and several other women, who are all on a determined drive to expose the truth behind Jordan’s web of deceit, lies at the core of this compelling documentary. This narrative, full of swings and turns, presents a compelling picture of a guy whose perilous path still has an impact on people’s lives today. (tvacute.com) examine Mischele Lewis’s connection with William Allen Jordan, and her current whereabouts in this article as we delve into her life.

Who is Mischele Lewis?

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Mischele Lewis is a significant character who plays a crucial part in this amazing story. Mischele, a resident of Florence Township, New Jersey, had an odd connection between her life and William Allen Jordan’s. It all started when she met Jordan on a dating app in January 2013. Presenting himself as “Liam Allen,” the man spun a story full of mystery and excitement.

Jordan claims that while he was in the British military, the UK Ministry of Defence was interested in him because of his high IQ and diverse skill sets. His enlistment and involvement in counterterrorism activities resulted from this. But as the tale goes, he had ultimately made his way back to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, his hometown, intending to settle down and get back in touch with his family.

After a few weeks of email correspondence, Mischele made the decision to meet Liam, just like anyone else enthralled by such a captivating story. Mischele remembered how their first meeting was full of kisses and cuddles, and how they would spend hours sitting on a bench talking. They clicked right away, and it looked like they were going to be inseparable. Liam made a clue about something significant he would have to reveal in the upcoming months.

When May 2013 rolled around, Mischele had fallen hard for Liam, but their narrative had taken an unexpected turn. He said she required a security clearance before they could be together. Months of correspondence ensued during which time unidentified individuals posing as government officers wanted a great deal of personal and financial information. Following these orders, Mischele’s life took a troubling turn as she dealt with Liam’s frequent, inexplicable absences.

But destiny had other ideas for Mischele. As luck would have it, she found out she was expecting a child and also discovered something that would rock her world. Liam had forgotten his wallet while he was at her place one day. She was drawn to look into it for some reason, and when she did, she discovered William Allen Jordan’s ID card.

Mischele found a website named lovefraud.com while she searched for her fiancé on Google in February 2014. She was reading her own story, practically word for word, and as she did so, a disquieting sensation came over her. But Mischele was not a man to be overcome by sadness. Her priorities changed to pursuing justice and stopping Jordan from abusing other people. She obtained enough evidence to prosecute him after working with the local police enforcement to record him admitting to cheating her of £2,000 in fraud.

Mischele’s perseverance paid off in April 2014 when she set up a meeting between Jordan and herself in the parking lot of a Cherry Hill, New Jersey retail establishment. She saw the man who had tricked her get arrested behind the counter of the store. She was so relieved to be rid of his influence and look forward to a future without having to fake.

“Will I ever trust another man? is a worry that lingers in the minds of many victims of deception, and Mischele addressed it in her victim impact statement. I’m not sure. Mischele thought that justice was not fully done, even though Jordan entered a guilty plea and was given a three-year term. She was going to make sure he was charged with a sexual offense. Together with Troy Singleton, a local senator, she worked to pass a law that would make it unlawful to trick someone into having sex in New Jersey, with the ultimate goal of protecting society from predators such as Jordan.

Mischele, who is currently in her early 40s, lives in New Jersey, where she continues to support those who have been defrauded while also spending time and energy on her adolescent children.

Where Is Con Survivor Mischele Lewi Now?


After her turbulent journey with William Allen Jordan, Mischele Lewis has come out on the other side, determined to keep others from going through what she did. She is unwavering in her resolve to defend the safety and rights of victims who fall prey to the deceitful network of deception.

Mischele’s life serves as an example of how resilient people can be. She has turned her experiences into a quest to make sure that others won’t fall victim to the lies and manipulations she experienced. She is a wonderful example of someone who is committed to making society a safer place because of her collaboration with local officials to pass legislation intended to combat sexual deception.

Mischele Lewis exemplifies the fortitude and tenacity needed to get past the lowest points of deceit as she continues to raise and mentor her adolescent children. Her experience serves as a reminder to all of us of the value of standing up for justice, speaking up, and promoting a world free from the control of cunning people like William Allen Jordan.

In conclusion, ITVX’s The Other Mrs. Jordan aims to illuminate the tenacity and resolve of people like Mischele Lewis in addition to revealing the terrifying story of a serial bigamist and skilled manipulator. The transition from victim to survivor is characterized by bravery and a dedication to preventing others from being victims of fraud. This narrative effectively conveys the core of human resilience in the face of hardship and serves as a potent reminder of the significance of pursuing justice and fighting for a more secure and morally upright society.

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