When does Untold Vol 3: Jake Paul air on Netflix?

Get ready for the highly praised docuseries UNTOLD, making its triumphant return with Volume 3. This thrilling four-week summer event will take you behind the scenes of extraordinary stories from the captivating realm of sports.  This captivating series delves into the intense pressure they face from their teams, coaches, scandals, and their own egos.

We have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the captivating story of Jake Paul. “Untold,” the thrilling Netflix anthology docu-series The Problem Child delves deep into the captivating realm of sports, revealing the untold stories behind some of the most notorious events.

From the world of boxing to the realm of football, and even the shocking realm of doping scandals, these captivating stories transcend mere headlines, completely reshaping our preconceived notions. Coming soon, in a captivating weekly series, the focal point of each narrative centers around the personal experiences of our characters. Through their candid and intimate first-person testimonies, we delve into the raw emotions, determination, heartache, victories, and even moments of levity that lie beneath the surface.

We have some exciting news for all you Netflix fans out there! We’re thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated release of “The Problem Child” is just around the corner. So mark your calendars and set your alarms, because this thrilling new series will be hitting your screens very soon. Stay tuned for the official release date and time, exclusively on Netflix!

The documentary delving into the life of the notorious boxer and influencer will soon be available to stream on August 1 only on Netflix.  

Regarding the availability of the first installment of Volume 3 on Netflix, the specific time may vary depending on your location. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of times corresponding to each timezone. This will ensure that you are well informed about the precise moment you can immerse yourself in the content.

“The Problem Child” is available at 12 am PDT,3 am EDT,5 am Brazil,8 am UK, 
9 a.m. CEST, 1:30 p.m. IST,7 p.m. AUS, At 9 p.m. NZT.

Jake Paul may have become accustomed to being the bad guy, but before he began his boxing career, he was unaware of the benefits of being despised, so long as you’re prepared to take a few blows.

Jake Paul the Problem Child is a brutally honest look at how an Ohio boy with wide eyes went from Internet star to the most divisive athlete in sports. There is always a high-profile defender in his corner, such as former professional boxer Mike Tyson, for every prominent critic (UFC president Dana White).

With jokes and antics broadcast on Vine and then a YouTube channel that garnered millions of views, Jake and his older brother Logan lit up social media in 2013. Jake released songs and got a part on a Disney Channel cartoon (Bizaardvark) as a result of the brothers’ successful online side businesses.

As their fame increased, the once-close brothers’ conflicts also escalated. When Jake’s real-life scandals almost ended his career, he was given a second shot as a boxer who stunned doubters by knocking out opponent after opponent.

The film’s compelling interviews with the Paul brothers, as well as those with their parents, fans, fellow fighters, and the doubtful old guard, lay the foundation for the suspenseful fight that determines if Jake is qualified to dominate his new realm.

You may believe you are familiar with these stories, but you are mistaken. UNTOLD is back with an exciting new installment! the newest addition to the sports anthology series offers viewers an exclusive glimpse into the world of high-profile athletes. Get ready for Vol 3, a captivating four-week event that kicks off on August 1st. The documentaries were directed by Andrew Renzi, Ryan Duffy, Bryan Storkel, and Katharine English.

Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child available on August 1 

Untold: Johnny Football available on August 8

Jake Paul gets up close and personal as he tries to transcend YouTube stardom to revolutionize the fight world. Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M quarterback hailed as “Johnny Football,” burns bright until he flames out under pressure. Victor Conte and Balco spin a dark web that tangles up top athletes in a steroid controversy – Wrote Netflix

Untold: Hall of Shame available on August 15

Victor Conte and Balco spin a dark web that tangles up top athletes in a steroid controversy.

Untold: Swamp Kings available on August 22

And the story of the Florida Gators’ stunning rise and fall in college football from 2005 to 2010 – featuring Coach Urban Meyer and star players such as Tim Tebow, Brandon Siler and Brandon Spikes – is finally told in the definitive document of what really happened.

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