When does Lightyear debut on Disney+?

lightyear disney plus

The 2022 Pixar movie: Here is the time and day that Lightyear debuts on Disney+.

Lightyear will be made available on Disney+ at the following time. The fifth installment of the successful Toy Tale series, Lightyear, tells the origin story of the fictional character on which Buzz Lightyear is based. Chris Evans’s portrayal of Buzz Lightyear in the sci-fi film Lightyear got mixed reviews and, for the most part, fell short of the critical acclaim of Pixar’s primary Toy Story films.

Since Toy Story 4 in 2019, Lightyear was the first Pixar film to obtain a full exclusive theatrical window; nonetheless, the series offshoot greatly underwhelmed at the box office. While Lightyear has made $222.4 million worldwide (just around $20 million more than its budget), Toy Story 3 and 4 have both made over $1 billion at the box office. After Lightyear’s underwhelming box office performance in theatres, the Pixar film is now making the switch to Disney Plus, where it will presumably have a more successful premiere.

When Does


Launch On Disney+? (What Date & Time)

On August 3rd, 2022, at midnight PT/3 am ET, Disney+ will debut Lightyear. Pixar’s Lightyear had a 47-day exclusivity window after its June 17 theatre debut before being made accessible for streaming on Disney+. With the release of Lightyear, Disney+ customers may now view the whole Toy Story series, starting with the film Andy saw that initially inspired him to become a fan of Buzz Lightyear.

Will Disney+ Viewership of Lightyear Surpass That of the Theaters?

Even if Lightyear didn’t do as well at the box office or garner the same level of critical acclaim as its Toy Story forebears, Disney’s streaming service is likely to give the 2022 film a more favorable reaction. As a result of Lightyear’s negative reviews, many families and Disney+ customers have decided to wait for its streaming release rather than seeing movie in theatres. Lightyear will probably have a rebirth in popularity and talk surrounding its Toy Story links (or lack thereof) upon its online availability, much to how Encanto took on a new life once it launched on Disney+.

The best Pixar films often painstakingly encapsulate heart, soul, and intense emotion in a joyful adventure, but Lightyear mostly focused on the sci-fi adventures’ pure entertainment value. This may have contributed to Lightyear’s inability to live up to the critical and commercial expectations set by the core Toy Story films, and it implies that the 2022 animated film is much better suited for more relaxed viewing on Disney+. Disney+ has shown that films like Lightyear, which may not have performed well at the box office, can nevertheless be successful when the stakes are lower and they are watched in a more laid-back, self-paced environment.

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