When can we expect to see the first footage from The Good Doctor season 6?

Check out Freddie Highmore in the brand new poster for season 6 of The Good Doctor!

Everyone who is looking forward to watching The Good Doctor season 6, take note that we have taken one more step toward getting it broadcast on ABC. The first episode of The Good Doctor season 6 was shot in British Columbia last week, marking an official beginning to production and bringing us one step closer to the show’s return in the fall.

In a strict sense, we ought to go ahead and acknowledge that there was some work done on season 6 during the spring that just passed. This is because the actors were able to stockpile a little amount of material before departing for their break during the summer. This is also one of the reasons why the season premiere of the medical drama will take place a little bit later than it will for a number of other fall shows.

When the Freddie Highmore series returns, there are certainly going to be a lot of fantastic tales that we are going to be looking forward to seeing on the air, and a fair number of those stories are going to focus on Shaun and Lea’s life together as a married couple. They have put in a lot of effort to get to this point, and even though they’ve come so far, there is still a great deal more for them to learn about one another. This was most certainly a relationship that had to be earned, and the fact that it did have to be gained is the primary reason why it is so fulfilling now that we are together.

After all of whatever has been said… it should go without saying that the most pressing concerns at the beginning of the sixth season concern Dr. Lim. They are practically obligated to be. Her future was left up in the air, and it goes without saying that we hope she will be okay. In addition to this, though, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the opportunity to witness her make a slow and steady recovery. If she feels better in the morning, the tension created by the cliffhanger will no longer be present. we hope everything turns out well for her.

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