Was Mei Sou Arrested in When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 8? Is she going to be convicted?

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 8

We had plenty of reasons to be concerned for Mei as we watched When Calls the Heart season 9 episode 8 on the Hallmark Channel. In this episode titled ‘Hope Valley Days Part 2’, things got off to a terrible start as Geoffrey (Chris Cope) was in town and Nathan was forced to put Mei in jail. Basically, it’s all a ruse to make us even more depressed but while this show frequently portrays characters who face adversity, there’s usually good news on the other side. So, where did that ray of optimism originate from?

Nathan (‎Kevin McGarry) approaches Mei Sou (Amanda Wong) at Elizabeth’s suggestion. It is revealed that she and Geoffrey have a history. Mei Sou claims she worked at his drugstore during medical school and he hired her after graduation. Geoffrey liked her. Although she refused, Geoffrey insisted he had proposed to her. To bind a distraught Mei Sou to himself, Geoffrey falsified her signature on a marriage license. But she saw an opportunity to leave when she found Ned’s letter and began writing to him as Geoffrey. Mei Sou fled to Hope Valley when the Yosts verified her employment, while Geoffrey filed larceny, forgery, and spousal abandonment charges against her in Chicago. He traveled to town looking for Mei Sou after Faith wrote him.

Geoffrey threatens Nathan with suspension if he doesn’t arrest Mei Sou. He reluctantly arrests her but telegraphs his sources to dig deeper into Geoffrey’s past. Nathan tries to prevent Mei Sou’s conviction but gets a call from higher authorities in Chicago to arrange for her transportation. Just when she’s about to give up, he discovers crucial information. According to a letter Nathan receives, Geoffrey is already married and has abandoned his wife. As a result, the allegations against Mei Sou are withdrawn. She made it plain that she had no intention of ever leaving or staying with him, and then she walked away, hugging Nathan!

At this time, it appears that we’ll be seeing more of Nathan and Mei in the near future, and we think they’ll be fantastic together! We’re mostly delighted because the authors made sure to offer Elizabeth a fantastic relationship after she chose Lucas last season.

When Calls the Heart  Season 9 Episode 8 aired on Sunday, April 24, at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel. 

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