What’s on Next Power Season 6 Episode 14 “Reversal of Fortune”

Whats on Next Power Season 6 Episode 14 Reversal of Fortune

It is safe to say that you are amped up for Power Season 6, Episode 14 entitled Reversal of Fortune on Starz? All things considered, this is the penultimate episode of the arrangement. We will have more opportunities to arrive at last.

So what do we think about what’s in store? A ton begins with what we definitely know – Paz isn’t in the image. We presently additionally realize that Dre didn’t shoot Ghost. On the off chance that the present episode 13 matches the last two, there’s a decent possibility Tommy isn’t the one liable for it.

This constrains the field to four competitors in Tariq, Tasha, Saxe, and Tate. This scene could rotate around, in any event, a couple of them. It is more than likely that another competitor won’t have the option to arrive at the series finale. We by and by feeling that Tariq and Tasha will set up themselves as two of the best applicants.

Keep in mind, when we leave on the hour – the individuals off-camera at Starz won’t be anxious to come clean with you about the shooter until the series finale.

This is a story that the creators in all probability prefer to keep the mystery. We need to get the hang of something about it, obviously, yet in addition what’s on the horizon for every single enduring character.

Reversal of Fortune, Power Season 6, Episode 14 air January 26th on Starz.

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