A New Horror Comic Series Dead Day Arrives on Apr. 15.

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In a nimble turn on The Purge, The Returned, and The Walking Dead, AfterShock Comics is conveying a genuine portion of shocking dread in a forthcoming ghastliness arrangement that is certain to quickly dissolve your spring when the debut issue becomes alive once again on Apr. 15.

Dead Day S# 1 is composed by Ryan Parrott (Oberon, Volition, Death To the Army of Darkness) and coordinated with spooky fine art from Evgeniy Bornyakov (Descendent, You Are Obsolete) in a provocative undertaking that poses the inquiry… In the event that the dead could return for only one single night, would we really need them to?

The Plotline Dead Day

The plotline unfolds as we’re introduced to The Haskins, a generic modern suburban family, while they go about gearing up for the annual supernatural holiday known as “Dead Day” – when the deceased emerge from the sanctity of their graves from sunset to sunrise.

Most come back to reunite with beloved family and close friends, some for one final night of recklessness and rioting, but others shuffle back into society with nothing but revenge implanted in their rotting brains.

Dead Day Comic Photos of Preview

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