Watch the first five minutes of Partner Track for free on Netflix

Watch the first five minutes of Partner Track for free on Netflix-compressed

Netflix has made the first five minutes of Partner Track available to stream for free on their platform – To celebrate National Waffle Day

Partner Track is being developed for television by Georgia Lee, who has previously written for The 100 and Prime Video’s The Expanse as well as having written and produced the independent film Red Doors. It is based on a 2013 book of the same name by novelist Helen Wan. As the name suggests, the plot of Partner Track will revolve around Ingrid and her hard-working (and occasionally ruthless) coworkers, all of whom are vying for the position of the law firm’s next junior partner. In spite of this, Ingrid has made the conscious decision to keep her personal life vibrant and exciting, despite the fact that this decision is made somewhat more challenging by the presence of a certain person in both settings.

Netflix has come to the conclusion that there is only one appropriate way to celebrate National Waffle Day (other than eating a waffle, of course): the streaming service has opted to reveal the opening five minutes of its upcoming series Partner Track. The first portion of the show takes place on Waffle Wednesday, which we are now accustomed to, and features Arden Cho as an ambitious lawyer who has resolved to climb the corporate ladder on mergers and acquisitions. Below is a link to the series trailer:

It becomes clear within the first five minutes of Partner Track that Ingrid Yun (Cho) does not have an easy time of things: Because she is one of the few women working in the New York legal firm Parsons Valentine, she is subjected to daily instances of misogyny. The costume design of the series, in which Ingrid is portrayed as a pastel pink dot in the midst of a sea of blue, black, and grey suits in New York City, serves as a visual representation of her social isolation.

In addition to Arden Cho, the series also stars Rob Heaps, Alexandra Turshen, Dominic Sherwood, Bradley Gibson, and Matthew Rauch, Ray Donovan.

Partner Track’s first season debuts this Friday, August 26, and as usual, the streamer will release all of the episodes at once.

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