TV Series for Students that Teach How to be a Good Person

Watching TV series is one of the most popular leisure time activities nowadays. Especially among students. However, not all TV shows are beneficial for young people. Sometimes, they just distract from academic activities without giving any real value.

But at the same time, there are some series that can make you a better person. Before you check a list of them, learn how to have more free time as a student.

Carving out more time with free essay examples

While studying at college or university, you must be burdened with numerous classes and assignments. Pursuing a degree usually doesn’t leave time for anything else. However, you can still carve out a few spare hours a day to unwind. How? For example, before you start working on your paper, you can check similar samples. It doesn’t matter what topic you need to highlight, there are many of them on special websites. It is especially difficult to write an essay about people’s emotions and character. It is not very pleasant to describe negative feelings. To make it easy, you can find even a collection of essays on humility, which sounds quite rare. By using platforms for students, you will have a chance to have free time to watch shows mentioned below.

“Mad Men”

In an era when being oneself wasn’t really an option, “Mad Men” dealt with psychological suppression, particularly for women like Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Betty (January Jones). Additionally, the central character of “Mad Men” was a lost soul seeking nothing less than the purpose of life. The four-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series is complex, emotionally engaging, and of exceptionally high quality.

“The West Wing”

Nobody could possibly dislike “The West Wing.” Aaron Sorkin’s award-winning political drama is a fantastic pick thanks to its strong moral compass, big-picture concepts, and likable protagonists.

“This Is Us”

In this intense drama, the generations-spanning story of the Pearson family is told. The history of parents Jack and Rebecca is revealed in moments of love, joy, victory, and grief, as triplets Kate, Randall, and Kevin find greater significance in their present-day life. Randall, a prosperous businessman and father, wonders who his biological parents are. Kate overcomes her weight problem and learns to love and accept herself. Kevin decides to pursue a more fulfilling profession, which comes with some challenging decisions. Feel your sentiments altered as you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster.


The show has a wide range of individuals from various backgrounds who are all subjected to intense psychological pressure. The ABC drama’s flashback structure also helped viewers form stronger bonds with the characters they were watching.

“Peaky Blinders”

Britain in 1919, following the Great War, is a combination of hopelessness and hedonism. In a country that is being shaken by economic turmoil, returning military, recently minted revolutionaries, and criminal gangs are competing for survival. The Peaky Blinders is one of the most dominant gangs of the era, and it is led by Thomas Shelby and his family, a homecoming war hero. Thomas, though, has goals that go beyond simply controlling the streets. He sees the disappearance of a shipment of firearms as a chance to improve in life because while crime may pay, legal business pays better. Inspector Chester Campbell, who has just arrived from Belfast, is attempting to cleanse Britain of its criminality.

“The Good Wife”

The first several seasons of “The Good Wife” are rich in grounds for emotional connection because of the show’s relatable and intense drama and the numerous well-developed secondary characters. In the series, there is  much for fans to appreciate and fall in love with.

“Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad, which some people claim to be the best television program ever. Quality? Check. Sophistication? Check? Different viewpoints? Check. A five-season storyline that centers on coming to terms with who you really are while you’re on the verge of death? Check.

Becoming a better person with TV series

How perceptive are you with people? Do others around you, especially those who are hesitant to express it, give you a good idea of what they are thinking or feeling? If not, spending some time with fictional characters might help you develop this skill.

TV series can help us comprehend the inner lives of people, according to a ground-breaking study that was published a few years ago. A recently released research confirms that engaging with great television drama might have positive effects for personal growth.

High-quality series frequently call on readers to “fill in gaps in the narrative to deepen their knowledge of characters’ minds, relationships, and feelings,” as noted by researchers Black and Barnes. Once mastered, this ability may be applied in the actual world.

Can the Mad Men character Don Draper boost your emotional intelligence? Black and Barnes believe that “fictional narratives, whether written or filmed, demand that the viewer grasp the sentiments and intentions of the characters.” Following the storyline of a novel is difficult, if not impossible, without understanding what the characters are thinking.

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