[Finale] Tracker Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: Ending Explained!

The thirteenth finale episode of Tracker‘s first season on CBS, titled “THE STORM,” is an exciting climax that features suspenseful moments, profound discoveries, and heartbreaking scenes. Jennifer Morrison‘s portrayal of Lizzy Hawking, Colter’s (Justin Hartley) longtime family friend, is introduced in this episode. As Colter sets out on a quest to locate Lizzy’s daughter Katie, who has gone missing, the story takes place in Sandy Point, Oregon.

Tracker Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

At the start of the episode, Colter had made amends with his siblings and discovered that Russell, his brother played by Jensen Ackles, was not the cause of their father’s demise. Still unanswered is the question of who was with their father when he jumped from the cliff.

A chaotic search begins when two storm chasers on the lake see something out of the ordinary. Colter is already determined to assist Lizzy, even though Teddi and Velma call with a fresh employment offer. Both storm chasers, Katie and her boyfriend Dylan, have been missing for the past two days. For $5,000, Lizzy employs Colter to locate them. Their chances of surviving are increased by the attention that their storm-chasing website and their proficiency on the water receive.

Colter looks into the storm’s course to find possible places to take cover. Lizzy proposes having a conversation with Rachel, the third team member who works at a surf shop. Colter promises Lizzy he will locate Dylan and Katie by getting their cell phone numbers. Renee affirms that she has quit her employment. She checked on Russell through her contacts, but she was unable to get any new information.

When Colter first meets Rachel, she believes her friends have experienced something strange. She plays the last radio conversation they had, which suggests a problem existed before the connection was abruptly ended. Rachel gives the last coordinates of the boat, which vanished at 2:32 PM, right before the storm. Bobby is given the final call to examine by Colter.

They find Dylan’s body in a nearby kelp bed after Colter retrieves buoys that had Go-Pros gone. When Sheriff Woods and his deputies show up, they swear to let Lizzy know if they locate the boat. Colter believes Dylan was murdered after noticing indications of a fight on his body. Colter finds out from Deputy Kelman that Katie, Dylan, and the Sampson brothers got into a fight recently, against the sheriff’s advice to concentrate on finding Katie.

After learning that Katie had interfered with the Sampsons’ business during the fight, Colter approaches Bo Sampson. When Xavier Sampson joins, he gets defensive, but Colter calms things down. Bobby clears up the previous conversation, exposing Katie’s terrified voice and the additional person. Bobby follows Dylan and Katie to an abandoned building near the docks.

Colter discovers security cameras and Hailey Thomas’s body in a freezer at the facility. Hailey was reported missing three years prior. Deputy Kelman is informed by Colter that Dylan and Katie probably set the cameras in order to find the perpetrator. Dylan’s history of selling narcotics for summer parties with the Sampsons is disclosed by Kelman. Dylan might have been exploring the structure.

Colter gives Lizzy an update, thinking that Katie was looking into Hailey’s death. Dylan was probably put to death as a warning. Lizzy divulges Katie’s covert locations, but Colter discovers her apartment broken into. In Katie’s hidden place, he discovers a cell phone. When Kelman shows up, Colter is skeptical of everyone in the community, even Sheriff Woods, since he believes Katie and Dylan were onto something significant.

As Colter answers the burner phone, Dylan informs Vince Talbot that they are aware of the body. Their next target is Talbot, who is being investigated for sex trafficking and racketeering. When Bobby breaks into Talbot’s house and uses the Wi-Fi to follow Xavier’s whereabouts, Colter is attacked by security.

At a bar, Renee approaches Talbot and charges him with killing Hailey. Renee swears to bring Talbot down after he threatens her. Colter realizes Xavier and Sheriff Woods are plotting when he sees them on the beach. Armed, Bo Sampson approaches Colter, who persuades Bo to divulge Katie’s whereabouts.

Katie is found by Colter hurt but alive. They were pursued by Talbot’s soldiers, Xavier among them. Colter disarms Xavier, who they hide from, and Katie knocks him unconscious. Lizzy is abducted by Sheriff Woods, who demands that Katie return. Colter tricks Woods with Kelman’s assistance. Kelman’s integrity is exposed, and Woods is apprehended by an FBI agent with backup.

Lizzy gives Colter credit for rescuing Katie. As Talbot is taken into custody, Renee gloats. She tells Colter that they have located Russell in Argentina. Renee turns down Colter’s invitation to take a break with him. Lizzy gives Colter payment as they talk about their early years.

Tracker Season 1 Episode 13: Ending Explained!

In the finale episode, Colter’s longtime family friend Lizzy Hawking discloses that after her mother passed away, she discovered a file box under her bed. Research that belonged to Colter’s father was in this box. Lizzy remembers that Colter paid a visit to her mother just before his father passed away. There was a heated fight between Lizzy’s mother and Colter’s father during this visit. Nevertheless, after their disagreement, they made up before leaving.

It is hinted that the contents of the box hold significance, implying that Colter’s father was involved in something weighty or delicate. The conclusion does not fully reveal the nature of this research, providing opportunity for more investigation in later episodes or seasons. Unsure of what to do with the package, Lizzy chose to mail it to Dory, Colter’s sister. Colter is shocked by this choice because Dory never brought up the box with him.

Lizzy surmises that Colter may have been shielded from whatever information the research contained by her mother and father, who may have kept it a secret. This raises the possibility that the box’s contents are dangerous or unsettling, which heightens the suspense and mystery surrounding Colter’s family history.

Colter learns more mysterious information regarding his father’s past, setting up a dramatic cliffhanger for the episode. These disclosures cast doubt on the role his mother and sister played in his father’s unexplained death and raise new concerns about their possible involvement.

Justin Hartley talked about the show’s finale and its implications for the future in an interview with Deadline. Hartley voiced his delight at the fresh inquiries and unanswered family secrets. Hartley clarified, “We wanted those bows to lead to other questions—bigger, deeper questions—about his past,” highlighting the fact that the resolutions offered in the season finale are intended to build a more intricate mystery for Season 2.

The bond between Colter and his brother Russell (Jensen Ackles) was also discussed in the epilogue. Colter’s faith in his brother’s innocence has deepened over the course of the season. Colter is almost positive by the end of the film that Russell did not shove their father off the cliff, but there are still questions because of Russell’s in-depth knowledge of the event and the family’s dubious actions.

In addition, Hartley talked about working on film projects with his wife, Sofia Pernas, who portrays Billie. Hartley came up with the concept of Billie as a recurrent character, which gave Colter a new level of personal competition. Billie and the rest of the family will make a comeback in Season 2, Hartley said, promising more fascinating exchanges and revelations.

Fans may anticipate Colter Shaw going farther into his family’s secrets and the larger mystery surrounding his father’s death, as Season 1 ended on such a terrible note. In order to maintain continuity and explore the narrative of their characters, Hartley confirmed that Jennifer Morrison and other important actors would return to their roles. With more twists and turns and shocking revelations, TRACKER’s second season promises to be gripping and exciting.

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