Tracker Episode 6 Recap: “Lexington”

In the most recent episode of CBS‘s thrilling show Tracker, “Lexington,” interesting character Colter Shaw (played by charismatic Justin Hartley) investigates the case of a stolen racehorse named Argo. The episode was full of amazing turns and turns. Sofia Pernas, who plays his real-life wife, guests as fellow bounty hunter Billie Matalon in this episode.

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Tracker Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

At the beginning of the show, Colter meets Hugh Lazlo, the upset owner of Argo. Lazlo tells Colter that the horse has a Kentucky Derby qualifier coming up, which makes its disappearance even more important. The stakes could not be higher with a huge $250,000 prize at stake.

The cops, on the other hand, don’t seem very interested in the case and think it’s not important. Colter is not deterred and sets out to solve the puzzle using the security team’s clues, which show that the theft was carefully planned.

Colter becomes more interested in the case and starts to think that the horse’s co-owners might be guilty. In particular, he thinks that Hugh’s ex-wife Tina and her boyfriend Redford James are involved.  Redford James has a horse named The Gates of Hell. It’s more likely that James’ horse would win if Argo didn’t run. Tina is living with Redford right now.

Billie is a rival bounty hunter who wants to get the reward. Colter runs into her when the relationships are changing and tensions are high. Colter runs into Billie as he is leaving. Billie is also eager to get a big payday. She’s done her research and is sure Redford had nothing to do with it. Colter disagrees, and the subject shifts to their very brief time working together in the past. Billie is excited about the idea of beating Colter to the prize, which makes Colter laugh.

The next few hours are like a game of cat and mouse as Colter and Billie try to find their way through a web of lies and betrayal, learning shocking things along the way. As the two people look for the truth, they keep running into problems. For example, they find secret betting slips and a trail of lies.

Tim (Robin Weigert) and Velma (Abby McEnany) are sorry that they didn’t know the case wasn’t a “private hire.” They are shocked to learn that Billie is also involved in the case. They let Colter know that Redford James is throwing a black-tie dinner that night, which interests Colter.

Colter attends the gala and engages in a private conversation with Tina and Redford.They both know he’s a tracker and are surprised that he’s there. Tina knows that Hugh thinks they are guilty, and Redford says that Hugh is crazy and out of control.

Colter and Tina talk alone, and Tina says she would never hurt Argo, even though Hugh is crazy about her. She cares about Argo and would never put him in harm’s way. The other two co-owners of Argo join in and thank Colter for his help. The three of them say that their relationship is great, and Tina adds that they make each other better.

As the probe heats up, Colter and Billie become closer, even though they didn’t like each other at first. As they race against time to find Argo and figure out the evil plan behind his disappearance, their friendship turns out to be both a gift and a curse. Colter sees Billie and then goes upstairs to take a look around. He is putting things away when Billie speaks up. Colter says he knew she was there the whole time.

Colter offers to watch the door while Billie breaks into the safe after they talk about the past in a way that makes him feel awkward. Colter looks through a drawer and finds Lexington Cup bet slips. Most of the money is on The Gates of Hell and Argo to come in first and second, respectively. Either horse will win.

While she opens the safe, Colter and Billie fight over who betrayed whom on their one and only case together. Colter tells her that he trusted her, and she suggests that they get over their fight after five years. By the time Billie opens the safe, the papers on Argo are not inside.

As a security guard checks out the room, they have to hide under a desk. After he leaves, they go back to the party, where Billie asks them to work together. Colter can’t believe she would offer, but Billie thinks that if they work together, they can solve the case faster. They could each take some of the money and go their different ways.

Colter says he’ll think about it, but Velma and Teddi are sure he should say no to Billie after the party. But Colter is afraid that Billie is ahead of him. They tell him that Billie left him alone and that thugs are after him. They do not wish to be cheated out of another prize.

Colter is still thinking about the deal, though. She says, “Just no.” Colter comes to see Billie the next day, and she knows right away that the answer is yes. Colter and Billie are no longer sure that Redford is responsible for the theft, so they decide to go to the crime scene. As they walk through the barn, they talk about the time frame one minute at a time. The person who did it brought a horse trailer onto the property, cut the locks on the barn, set off the security alarm, loaded up Argo, and drove off without anyone noticing.

The camera at the stable door was covered, and there is nothing strange on the two security cams at the gates. Since the spray paint that was used on the stable door camera is common, it is impossible to find out who got it. Also, it’s hard to find the right trailer because there are so many tire tracks.

Colter is starting to think that everything is set up. He looks at the close fence and sees a hole. “Ago wasn’t taken away in a trailer. “Only one person rode him out,” says Colter.

When they ask Hugh about their idea, Hugh finds it hard to believe. Argo was hard to ride and didn’t like meeting new people. Hugh says he was with Tina going over bills when the alarm went off, so she can’t blame him.

Next, Colter and Billie talk to Dr. Glenn, Argo’s vet, about the horse that went missing. The vet says Argo’s personality changed when Hugh and Tina broke up, and he only knows two people who could ride him: Dan Flynn, Argo’s trainer, and Argo’s old rider.

Colter and Billie have Bobby look into Dan Flynn. They find out that he lost his job six months ago and is now living on the streets. He also recently got into a fight with Hugh. Bob finds his phone and is now only a few miles away. Colter and Billie go to where the phone is and find Dan’s dead body. It is told to Billie by the pathologist that he was shot twice the night Argo was stolen. Both of them figure out that Dan stole the horse and was meant to meet the person who hired him to do it here. After killing Dan, the killer took Argo.

In this episode, Billie is very important because she keeps the cops busy while Colter looks into things further. Colter finding hoofprints and a syringe marked Xylazine HCL, a drug used to calm horses, makes them think that Dr. Glenn, the vet, may be involved.

At the same time, Hugh gets a tip about where Argo is, which leads them to a red barn. Billie tricks Dr. Glenn into leaving his office by acting to be a worried citizen. This lets her search his desk and find evidence that points the finger at Argo in his medical file.

As they dig deeper, they find out a shocking truth: Argo is not only hurt, but she can’t have children either, which makes them think she may have been doping illegally. With Bobby’s help, they follow the money to Stuart Tyler, one of Argo’s owners, who just bought some land in the middle of nowhere.

When they go to the outside field and find Stuart holding Billie at gunpoint, their investigation takes a dangerous turn. However, Colter is able to outsmart Stuart and catch him, which results in the return of Argo and the exposure of Stuart’s bad behavior.

At the end of the episode, Billie and Colter think back on their relationship and the events that happened. This shows how complicated their relationship is and how dangerous their job is.

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