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Season three of Too Hot to Handle has been so hot. Having 10 stars sent to a beautiful island in Turks and Caicos with the promise of a summer of love, island-hopping, and bed-hopping has once again shown that money can’t stop horny singles from having fun. So, what did happen this season? Well, for the first time ever, the cast hit rock bottom. They were fined so much for breaking the rules that they had no money in the bank. We don’t know if we should be disappointed, impressed, or sad for the people who lost a lot of money. Patrick, who lives on the island, is also sad. At least some of it was salvaged by the time they had to leave. Here’s ( you need to know about watching Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle.

What about Too Hot to Handle?

Too Hot to Handle, is an American-British reality TV dating game show that airs on both sides of the pond. The show was made by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. The first eight episodes of the show were released on Netflix on April 17, 2020. The show is hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana.” It’s about 10 adults. they meet and mingle on the beaches of paradise. But there’s a twist: they’ll have to give up sex in order to win the $100,000 ultimate prize. Every time a rule is broken, the $100,000 grand prize is cut in half.

 Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of A Too Hot to Handle has only ten episodes. Too Hot to Handle is now available on streaming on January 19 on  Netflix.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode Guide

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 1 “No Pleasure Island” 
Synopsis: On “Pleasure Island,” the singles strut their stuff, compete for catches and share the dirty details of their love lives, till Lana crashes the party.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 2 “The Midnight Train to Georgia”
Synopsis: After two singles set the record for the fastest rule break ever, a new game begins. Plus, the group gets hot and heavy in a breath control workshop.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 3  “The Truth Hurts”
Synopsis:  Tensions mount in paradise as rule-breakers face the music. A playboy shows his true colors. Lana invites two new sex-hungry singles to the retreat.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 4  “Eat My Shorts”
Synopsis:  After a budding couple gets crafty with a “loophole,” the group gets messy with an intimate painting workshop. Plus, feathery festivities take flight.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 5  “The Summer of ’69”
Synopsis: The romantic test results are revealed – for better or worse. Lana bids farewell to two struggling singles and encourages everyone to dig deeper.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 6 “Triple Threat”
Synopsis:  A new day dawns for the first green-light couple, the guys deal with sexual tension, and Lana welcomes more guests — including one major pot stirrer.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 7  “Yoni Live Once”
Synopsis: As competition bubbles up between the ladies, Lana stages a sisterhood workshop, complete with yoni love. Meanwhile, one suitor grapples with stress.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 8  “Reaching Rock Bottom”
Synopsis:  A “glitch” leaves the group divided. Who will continue making progress, and who will make history with the show’s most shocking rule break?

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode 9  “Paradise Purgatory”
Synopsis: Shocking exits — and a sneaky plot twist — redefine what comes next. Meanwhile, one coupling moves forward, and another starts crumbling.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode  10 “Out With A Bang”
Synopsis:  After a night of temptation, the singles reconvene for a final report, a final workshop leads to reflection, and this season’s cash prize is rewarded.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 winner:

Season one saw the prize split between everyone in the group, and season two gave the money boost to one lucky winner. This year, they went a different way again. Finally, for the first time in the show’s history, a couple won the prize. Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond from the UK took home the prize, which they shared.

Were better than Nathan Soan (Runner-up) and Georgia Hassarati (Third place), two models from South Africa and Australia, who were both in the pot. When Harry, a tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, arrived on the island, he was ready to show off his skills as a Harry Styles lookalike. He also had a cheeky personality to match.

Beaux, 24, a legal secretary, came after him, but they didn’t start dating right away. As it turns out, after both of them set their sights on other people, they first started out as friends and confidantes on the island. That’s not what happened at all. During Lana’s workshops, the couple’s relationship became clear, and it only got stronger as they shared a bed and talked alone away from everyone else.

In the end, Harry told Beaux that he was starting to fall for her. The blonde, who was quick-witted, took her time before telling him that she was in love with him. Between them, they were able to mostly follow Lana’s rules. Harry lost $4,000 when his sexual energy caused him to need some alone time. Though, to be fair, he paid more than the $4,000 when he had to tell the rest of the group, including Beaux, that he had a moment of self-love. We think he might have learned his lesson quickly after that.

By the end of the series, they had officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. Harry even said that he had fallen in love with her. Time will tell if they’ve been able to keep up with the times since the show ended. They haven’t shown anything on social media.

How did the cast of Too Hot to Handle end up with a $200,000 loss?

the cast did the unthinkable and spent more than the $200,000 budget… The buck had to stop there since they couldn’t go any lower than zero. Lana had a feeling they’d be problems from the start, with two cast members sharing a kiss before the Too Hot to Handle twist was even enacted.

Within hours of arriving to the program’s piece of paradise, British babe Izzy enjoyed a kiss with American hunk Truth, believing they were on a show called Pleasure Island. … Then the twist was exposed, the sex ban was implemented, and everything began to go awry. Izzy took nine minutes to break the restrictions once more, this time with Georgia, sharing a snog as a purposeful act of disobedience against the rules that had been imposed. Lana doubled the fines from then on, and things only got worse as Nathan and Holly couldn’t keep their hands off one other – even when they were offered the chance to save themselves.

This is the whole list.

Georgia and Izzy: $3,000 for snog
Snog: $6,000 Izzy and Truth
Georgia and Stevan: $6,000 for snog
Snog x5: $30,000 Holly and Nathan
Snog: $6,000 for Stevan and Olga
Snog x2: $12,000 Holly and Nathan
Snog: $6,000 for Georgia and Jerre
Snog: $6,000 Izzy and Jackson
Snog: $6,000 Izzy and Jackson

Holly and Nathan: $6,000 for snogging through cloth
Chastity Test Fail: $57,000 for Holly and Nathan
$10,000 for inappropriate touching between Izzy and Jackson.
Snog: $6,000 Izzy and Jackson
Masturbation: $4,000 Harry
Nathan and Holly: $90,000 for numerous rule violations, including sex.

So they were technically -$54,000 in Lana’s debt at their worst. It’s a good thing Lana doesn’t have an overdraft fee, because she called it quits when the balance reached zero.

Only Patrick, Beaux, and Jaz followed the rules the entire time. Nathan and Holly were by far the largest spenders, amassing a total of $141,000, including a night when they wasted $69,000 after failing a chastity test that the rest of the group had bet on them passing.  Lady from the United Kingdom Izzy was the next big hitter, racking up a $37,000 tab for snogs with Georgia and Truth, and then making a series of mistakes with newbie Jackson.

After the gang ran out of cask and morale was at an all-time low, Lana handed them a lifeline on the final night, when she delivered a wake-up call to repeat offenders Nathan and Holly. Nathan was expelled from the island, which was thought to be permanent at the time.

Nathan, on the other hand, was sent to an intense treatment course to learn how to channel his urges, as he was the one who started most of the clinches with Holly. The pair was given a chastity test and told to spend a night in a room together alone when he returned. If they were able to control their urges, Lana would refund the $90,000 they had spent on a night of passion that included sex and a number of other severe rule violations.

They were successful, and the remainder of the gang was left with $90,000 to play for on the final day. In theory, Harry and Beaux, who were voted to win by their fellow contestants, each received $45,000 and a new significant other.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Cast

1. Izzy, 22 years old

2. Nathan (24 years old)

3. Stevan (25 years old)

4. Georgia (26 years old)

5. Jaz (25 years old)

6. Harry (29 years old)

7. Holly is 23 years old.

8. Truth’s age is 23.

9. Beaux (24 years old)

10. Patrick – 29 years old

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Trailer

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