This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 Recap: Big 3’s Big Decision: Who will take care of Rebecca?

Kevin, Kate, and Randall, the Big Three, struggle to keep their mother with them in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16. It looked like Rebecca was on the verge of dying. We’ve already seen Miguel’s death. Randall arranges a family meeting, including himself, Kevin, and Kate. But, as we all know, Kate is the one who ultimately decides to take care of Rebecca. Rebecca will show up in many different times. As the near comes to an end. Let’s see how it all happened.

Tonight sets the stage for the finale of the time-traveling family drama. This episode takes us back in time to what we have seen over the past few seasons as the family members arrive at the house and prepare to say goodbye to the patriarch of the family. We saw Rebecca in various time periods in the past when she was raising the Big Three.

The episode opens with Kate having a nasty dream and waking up Rebecca, who is sleeping near Jack. Randall and Kevin then enter the room, claiming to have had awful nightmares as well and requesting waffles. She stands up. Then we witness her being reawakened by Randall, and so on. Rebecca is currently in her bed, calling for Miguel. Her nurse enters and informs her that he is not present. Kate, Randall, and Kevin enter the room and make Rebecca feel at ease. Kate informs her that she needs to get some rest since they are going to have a wonderful day tomorrow. Rebecca inquires about Miguel once more.

Randall, Kevin, and Kate are enjoying coffee in the kitchen the next day. Sophie accompanied Beth and Phillip into town. Nicky and Elijah arrive with the kids, and they all need to use the restroom before leaving for the day. Kate informs her boys that they must return to their normal lives on Monday. Randall believes they should hold a family meeting and make a plan for Mom. They can’t leave her alone now that Miguel is gone.

Kevin says he’ll be there every two weeks after Manny is finished. Randall believes it is insufficient. Kate agrees that a family gathering is necessary. Phillip goes in and looks at their faces; Beth says they’re discussing Rebecca’s future steps. Beth whisks Sophie and Phillip away for a private conversation and family gathering.

Rebecca gathers the children shortly after Jack’s death. Randall was defending Kate when he was hit by some males who shouted something about her. Rebecca later enters Kate’s room and remarks that she has never seen her wear so much makeup. She claims that two out of three isn’t awful, that she has two good children, and that they are incorrect in their perceptions of her.

The three are currently sitting at a table, eating lunch. Kate brings out a therapy cat and informs them that whoever is holding it has the ability to communicate. Randall snatches the cat. He claims that he has been thinking about this for a few days and that he believes Rebecca should move in with her. Kevin will be upset, Randall will be absent, and she will be alone with a nanny, just as she is today. He claims that the only positive thing he did for her was to build the house.

Despite Rebecca’s desire for Kate to make decisions for her in Miguel’s absence, Kevin rises from his seat at the table. Kevin has returned, and Randall says he will make time for her if she understands that they must alter their plans. Kevin feels hesitant to defy her requests. All three kids are taken aback when Laila, the nurse, brings Rebecca in to inform them they’re going for a walk: Their mother insisted on doing her makeup, and she appears to have gotten into her mother’s toiletry kit. Kevin and Randall are taken aback when Kate informs Laila that she’ll take Rebecca for a walk instead. That is not their mother, according to Randall; theirs was magical.

Randall informs him that the house is lovely, but that he would not leave their mother alone in it. Philip wonders at Nicky’s if they should be up at the big home, helping out in some manner. Beth says, “Dear, dear, naive Philip.” “We’re unable to help those three.”  Phillip suggests that they return to the house, but Beth insists that they should leave it to the three of them.

FlashBack:  Rebecca tries to console Kate who is crying on another evening early in Kate’s existence. Rebecca takes Kate to her room and sits in front of the TV, unable to return her infant to the crib because Jack is away on business. She speaks to Kate as if she were an adult, discussing plots, characters, and other details. Rebecca discovers she’s dropped the baby when she wakes up to find Kate crying on the floor. She calls Dr. K, concerned that something is wrong (who is usually played by Gerald McRaney). Unfortunately, it’s just his answering machine, but she explains that she needs his help following Kate’s accident. Kate is fine after spending the night near her daughter’s crib, and Rebecca is overjoyed. Present day, Kate has returned to her mother and has offered to sit with her till she falls asleep. Kate takes out a book and begins reading to her.

Kate dials Toby’s number (Chris Sullivan). She inquires about the children, and he inquires about Rebecca. She expresses her confusion about Miguel’s death and suggests that Kate and her siblings make a decision.  He reminds her that Rebecca named her guardian.  Toby tells Kate that she’s a baller who shrinks in front of her brothers, and he advises her to stay tough and stand her ground.

The next morning, The Big Three order Chinese food and hold their meeting.  Randall approaches Beth and asks if they can talk; Beth assumes he wants to move her in since he doesn’t think Kate can handle it. She cautions him not to dismiss Kate. She reminds them that they are no longer children, but adults, and that Kevin and Kate are capable of handling the situation. Kevin informs Sophie that Randall intends to relocate her mother to Philadelphia, and she believes that he is correct. He has no idea, but he needs to get this right.

Kate summons the guys to resume their conversation. She informs them that she will make the decision, but first she wants them to look at Rebecca and be close to her, which they’ve been avoiding as her illness progresses. She deserves it because she was amazing, and this is a cruel punishment. Kate instructs them to follow her. Randall brushes her hair, and Kevin applies hand cream to her hands.

Sophie and Kevin were talking about moving there and living with their mother. Sophie claims she has never liked LA. Kate insists that he cannot be separated from the children. Madison claims that they will also relocate; Kevin was the only thing keeping them in LA. Nicky has confirmed that he will also be present. Okay, Kate says. Kevin assures Randall that he will be. Up to it. Randall extends his hand to Kevin and expresses his gratitude. Kate speculates that this is why there are three of them in the first place.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16: Ending Explained

A montage of time passing under the new arrangement follows.  Kevin and Sophie are settling in at Rebecca’s house.  Randall and Kate are in town. Madison, Eli, Nicky, Edie, and the twins are all in the neighborhood. Kevin’s hair grays as the year’s pass, whereas Rebecca’s grows longer.

Following that, we see Rebecca putting a young Kevin to bed, and then Kevin putting her to bed. Kevin phones Randall one night and tells him that the family should come as soon as possible because Rebecca doesn’t have much time left.

Some More Flashbacks

Throughout the episode, there are flashbacks interspersed with scenes. In a flashback before the Big 3, when Rebecca and Jack found out they were pregnant, all of these problems are made slightly amusing. He says they’ll be alright because there are only two of them and one baby, not realizing that three are on the way.


Rebecca wakes up to wailing children and tries to persuade Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) to respond. She goes to check on the Big 3 in their cribs when she realizes he won’t budge. Another instance is when Jack wakes Rebecca to assist him with a soiled diaper situation. Viewers are transported back in time to Jack and Rebecca’s bed, when the young Big 3 awaken their mother because Kate had a bad dream and they want waffles.

Randall (Niles Fitch), a teen, arrives to Rebecca’s bedside in the middle of the night to sign a permission sheet. Rebecca gets a call in the middle of the night from a fellow mother informing her that the Big 3 are at a party and things have gotten out of hand months after Jack’s death. When she arrives to pick up the kids, Randall says that he and another man had a fight about some remarks made about Kate.

Rebecca is preparing eggs for the kids when she gives a batch to Kate and inquires about the party, observing that she is wearing a lot of makeup. Rebecca informs Kate that she has a lot to offer, and Kate responds by labeling herself the “dud sibling.” When Rebecca visits Kevin’s room, however, she becomes concerned, stating that he is on a dangerous path with his drinking and partying, and that he should not drag his siblings along with him.

Kevin and Randall each have baby teeth to leave for the Tooth Fairy in a previous sequence where the Big 3 deal with losing their teeth. Kate is self-conscious since she hasn’t lost any teeth. Meanwhile, Kevin is planning to catch the Tooth Fairy when she visits, and Randall is apprehensive about the visit, telling his mother that the Tooth Fairy is a stranger.

Rebecca informs Randall of her secret identity as the Tooth Fairy and waits until Kevin falls asleep before giving them money for their baby teeth. Following the appointment, Rebecca sits down with Kate to paint their nails and inquires as to what is hurting her daughter. Kate complains that Kevin and Randall are constantly one step ahead of her, while Rebecca informs her daughter that she is a late bloomer and that everything will fall into place one day.

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