Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Is Coco dead? Explained

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 5 Recap- Is coco dead

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 5 was one of the most violent and chaotic stories ever. Terry and the Sons of Anarchy have given the battle their blessing, the Mayans are battling amongst themselves in episode 4. By attacking one of the Mayans, the Sons of Anarchy formally launched their first move against them. EZ also urges everyone to prepare for the conflict. After the Mayan Civil Battle, Alvarez believes they cannot afford another war. Who died? In a shocking cliffhanger, ‘Mayans M.C.’ says goodbye to a major character. Let’s see how it all happened.

Adelita (Carla Baratta) and Angel’s (Clayton Cardenas) baby son is alive, as revealed early in the episode. Agent Linares (Efrat Dor) had been raising him as her own along with her husband. Adelita viciously murders Anna and her husband in the first scene. She then leaves and walks away with her kid.

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 6: What Mayans’ Next Move?

Nails is attempting to converse with Angel about possible baby names. Miguel returns to the church wall. Tomas and Miguel converse, and the young guy try to persuade the former cartel head that he is a nice man. For the first time, we see Tomas’ father. Afterward, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), her ex, has returned to a convent and is being cared after by his aunt, a nun. The two sat on a rock and talked about his mother Dita (Ada Maris) and the time she spent with her sister while Miguel was still a baby. Miguel isn’t buying what Tia is peddling when she tells her nephew that his mother got pregnant by immaculate conception. When Miguel was conceived, Dita and her ex-husband Jose (Miguel’s father) were physically and emotionally separated. As a result of this. Miguel realizes that Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos), father of Angel and EZ (JD Pardo) Reyes is his biological father.

Who killed Tomas?

Martin, who is seeking Tomas, interrupts their conversation. They started off in search of the youngster, accompanied by the nuns. The LNG gang quickly dumps Tomas’ body. They leave the body of the young Tomas at the gates, where he is bleeding from a chest wound. This attracts his father’s attention. Martin screams angrily at them, and they pull him away to be tortured and murdered for crossing them. Miguel goes to his aunt’s room later that night, evidently shaken by Tomas’ death, and says he’s ready to confess his faults.

Hope, Coco’s girlfriend, arrives late to work; it’s evident she’s been through a lot, and Coco hasn’t been around. A baby can be heard sobbing somewhere in the store, and Adelita and her son appear to be nearby. Kody, the lady Creeper met at his Narcotics Anonymous group, is sleeping. They discuss their lives and end up debating what drives people to commit suicide after Kody’s former boyfriend committed suicide. Creeper claims that life is a gift and that he has already witnessed too much death.

EZ Reyes and Sofia’s Blossoming Bond

EZ visits a dog shelter in the hopes of reuniting with Sofia, where he obtained Sally and thanks her for her aid with Sally. He proposes to Sofia. Sofia elaborates on her daughter’s narrative. She answers, however, by confessing that her daughter drowned in their pool when Sofia was passed out intoxicated. She says “EZ, what do you expect from me? I don’t have anything to offer you.”

Emily (Sarah Bolger), a dedicated mother, is currently in Ohio and attempting to remain undetected. she was being followed by detectives who knew a lot about her background. Emily is being questioned at her apartment by a lady and a man. In Mayans M.C. Season 2, Marlon accidentally shot himself while battling with EZ on behalf of Emily. Marlon’s mother, on the other hand, does not believe he attempted suicide. They press Emily for information, but she refuses to provide any and claims she barely knew Marlon. The woman asks who she hired to murder him. The investigators urge Emily to be cautious before leaving, saying that they discovered her very easily.  Emily then attempts to contact EZ, but he does not answer his phone. Sofia came to EZ’s trailer shortly before Emily’s call, and the two of them had sex.

EZ Meets Jay

After that, EZ reunites with Jay-Jay, a former prison mentor. He tries to get further information from him about their earlier chat, in which the latter implied that he knew about the former working with the government to get out of prison. Andrea, Jay-wife, Jay’s interrupts them. Jay-Jay, who completely understands why EZ has come to meet him, says he’ll phone and they’ll talk later.

Gilly visit Miguel

Gilly returns to the church to visit Miguel. Miguel is told that his mother would have wanted him to get right with God. When his father blamed his mother for the death of their first son, he learns that she went to church. This resulted in her becoming pregnant with Miguel, with Felipe as the father. Miguel’s aunt considers him a miracle because he was born without being conceived, and it’s unknown what Miguel knows about the circumstance. Martin’s quest for Tomas, who has gone missing, interrupts the moment.

Gilly receives a call from his former military captain Paul. He barricades himself in a room with his child in the storyline. Gilly smashes down the door and discovers Paul attempting to get his son to stab him with a knife beneath his chin. Gilly brings the youngster to EZ’s trailer, where he waits for the Mayans M.C. to hold a ritual to honor their deceased.  When he returns the child later, he has a brief talk about Paul’s terrible behavior with his old captain and Paul’s wife, Rae. She expresses regret for involving him in their dilemma. Gilly certainly wants to help his buddies more, but there isn’t much else he can do right now.

Hope’s Struggling Days

Hope (Vanessa Gissell) is struggling to acclimate to life outside of meth mountain’s mayhem. She attempted to work as a cashier at a nearby grocery but was unsuccessful. She is dealing with an aggressive customer at the grocery shop and has had enough, smashing her items all over the counter and walking out.

Pay Tribute to Lost Comrades

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 5 Recap-

Comrades of the several Mayans M.C. charters assemble at the Santo Padre clubhouse to pay tribute to their lost comrades. Canche gives Alvarez an update on the cartel’s dealings, noting that shipments have ceased coming in since Randall’s death, which cost them a lot of money, but Alvarez isn’t ready to go there just yet. Meanwhile, Bishop continues to have problems with everyone, particularly EZ.EZ spends the day trying to reconcile with the other Mayan M.C. charters. That night, Alvarez speaks by firing a gun into the air, about the club’s future, citing the Civil War as its worst day. They then begin to pay respect to the deceased. They had no idea that a gang of Sons is waiting outside the compound in a car.

Alvarez later meets Oakland charter President Diaz in a temple. Diaz tries to persuade Alvarez to abolish the Santo Padre charter for the club’s sake. However, some non-Santo Padre charter members begin mocking Steve.EZ tries to make peace at first but fails.

Is Coco Dead Mayans MC Season 4? Ending Explained

Coco (Richard Cabral) is in Oakland, partying with the other Mayans and watching fireworks go off. He calls her Hope because the explosions reminded him of her beauty. She says she needs more support and isn’t doing well, which Coco hasn’t been willing to admit about himself, and he attempts to persuade her she doesn’t need it.

They talk about how much they adore one other. We see the Sons in the car after Coco hangs off the phone. However, as the night wears on, the Sons of Anarchy arrive to exact vengeance for Allesandro Montez’s death. They were not in Santo Padre but in Oakland. The Sons of Anarchy, commanded by Terry, roll up. They set fire to the entire gathering. Mayans are murdered or injured in large numbers. Coco is the most well-known victim. He lies motionless on the ground with two bullet holes in his back and is dead by the end of the episode.  Mr. Mayhem had come to see.

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