[Lifetime] The Walls Are Watching Movie: Release Date – Is it a true story?

The Walls are Watching-

Do you want to see a new thriller? If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, go no further than Lifetime. A film that will leave you guessing as to what will happen next, and which will send shivers down your spine. The Walls are Watching is the next fascinating film to premiere on the network. The upcoming film ‘The Walls are Watching’ has it all. It’s a tale of revenge, treachery, and terror. It will undoubtedly leave you startled.If The Walls Are Watching sounds like a movie you’d like to see this weekend, here’s everything you need to know about it, from its premiere date to its actors.

Theodore Souza is the protagonist of the novel, and he has yet to come to terms with the fact that he has lost his new home to a couple who recently purchased it at an auction. This sense of betrayal fuels his desire to terrify the couple into abandoning their freshly purchased home and fleeing.

Lifetime The Walls Are Watching Release Date

The film will premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET. Don’t worry if you miss the first showing. The film will be re-aired on the network on Sunday, May 1 at 12:01 a.m. ET. So, if you’re up late and want to see a movie, make it The Walls Are Watching.

Is ‘The Walls Are Watching’ a true story?

This story isn’t based on a true one. Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger, who also serves as the film’s director, have created a fascinating and captivating story. Jay collaborates with Brian as they come up with a unique plot that matches the genre brilliantly, based on his previous expertise in writing thrillers.

Lifetime The Walls are Watching Movie Cast

Theodore is played by Branscombe Richmond.
Barry Pearl is played by Anthony Starke.
Lana McKissack

Dan is played by Michael Perl.
Nate Albright
Tracy is played by Maura M. Knowles.
Megan Henry Herzlinger

The Walls Are Watching Synopsis

The original synopsis reads: “Theodore Souza is a blue-collar worker who lost his family to a tragic death, lost his job and now his house as the bank forecloses. When a newlywed couple wins his house in a bank auction, Theodore refuses to accept that his house is no longer his, and he terrorizes the young couple to get them out of the home.”

Brian Herzlinger, who directed and wrote ‘My Date with Drew’ (2004), ‘Meet My Valentine’ (2015), and ‘Twinkle All the Way’, is the director of this film (2019). Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger wrote the screenplay for this film.

The Walls Are Watching Movie Trailer


The Walls Are Watching Movie Location [Filming]

Because the film’s production company, Fade to Black Films, is based in Los Angeles, and because the majority of Lifetime films are shot in and around the city, it’s safe to assume that ‘The Walls Are Watching’ was also shot there, possibly at a production studio and possibly a few other locations in the state. The main filming appears to have taken place in early 2022, specifically in January. Here are the exact details about the areas that you might be interested in!

The production crew for The Walls Are Watching appears to have set up shop in Los Angeles and taken use of the city’s vast and varied scenery. Los Angeles, often known as the City of Angels, is home to a lot of opulent private residences in wealthy areas, beautiful beaches, a stunning cityscape, and several major film studios. All of these characteristics combine to make the huge South Californian metropolis one of the most important movie centres, with numerous filmmakers using it as a production location.

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