The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 18 Recap – Who is Clara Moore?

The Blacklist -Season 9 Episode 18-

On The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 18 [titled Laszlo Jankowics], Red examines the whereabouts of a former associate. A criminal dealing in illegal psychedelics is pursued by the Task Force. Meanwhile, Alina drops by Aram’s office when he’s assessing the performance of each team member. She inquires as to whether Aram has completed her performance evaluation. When she asks Aram about it, she appears irritated. Harold asks Red to think about giving him one more chance Aram. Red says I’m sorry, Harold, but I don’t trust him. That’s just a very tightly wound. In this episode, Red and Maureen have a conversation.  How does it all turn? Let’s read The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 18 Recap below.

Is Kaplan may still alive?

Red pays a visit to Kaplan’s sister Maureen (Susan Pellegrino), who is in the Witness Protection Program after years of testifying against the Russian mob. Maureen enthusiastically meets Red after not seeing him since he informed her of Kaplan’s sudden death, believing Kate and Red were still on good terms. Red implies that Kaplan may still be alive, and Maureen is asked if she has received any communication from her sister. Maureen informs him that she did not, but she requests that he locate Clara Moore (Winsome Brown), Kaplan’s protégé and former lover.

Dr. Wallace Avery (John Rothman) announces to his colleagues at a pharmaceutical company conference that they are going to make LSD into a drug that will transform science. The LSD drug lord Laszlo then attacks them, killing everyone save Avery. With Laszlo Jankowics as the next Blacklister, Red pays a visit to Cooper (Harry Lennix). If Laszlo’s last name seems familiar, it’s because his father Marko was a previous Blacklister from season 6, who managed the LSD drug trade before being slain by Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff). Laszlo is a little more crazed than his father, having consumed so much LSD that he has irreversible brain damage, leading him to believe he is being followed by a pet lion. A lion was CGI’d into the scenes for genuine.

Ressler informs the squad that he has secured a search warrant for LaCroix’s residence as the task force reviews the crime scene left by Laszlo at the pharma business. Cooper and Ressler will work on the LaCroix case, while the rest of the team will concentrate on locating Laszlo. Avery tells the Task Force he saw the individuals who attacked him while at the pharmaceutical business. Thankfully, the lab was able to remove the bullet from the scene and discovered the prints of Sebastian Grant, a felon on parole (Ben Thompson). Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) and Park (Laura Sohn) question him, and he discloses that Avery worked for Laszlo’s father before leaving to sell Laszlo’s substance as a medicinal medicine. Laszlo was infuriated by this and attacked Avery as a result.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 18--compressed

Red is dispatched by Dembe to locate Avery, who has fled Laszlo and the FBI. Red gets in touch with Rogelio (Gerardo Rodriguez), who is about to take his citizenship test in two hours. Red offers to assist Rogelio with his studies while he interacts with his network to find Avery in a lovely scenario. Avery is locked up in a motel when Rogelio’s network locates him. The task force isn’t notified by Red. Instead, he confronts Avery about Laszlo’s cleaner, Clara Moore. When Avery tells him that she can only be reached by Laszlo, Red summons Laszlo and hands, Avery, over to him. When Laszlo comes, Red mentions that he heard Laszlo was having product problems. Laszlo claims that his firm is going well and that additional products will arrive at the dock later that day. Red agrees to save Avery’s life. Avery’s pleadings irritate Red, and he shoots him, leaving a bloody scene in the hotel room. Laszlo is irritated by the event, particularly the shambles that Red has created. Red offers to phone his cleaning but is advised that it could take several hours for them to arrive. As he flees the scene, a frustrated Laszlo contacts Clara. Avery gets up once the coast is clear, in what appears to be a complete setup by Red.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 18- Recap

Laszlo is apprehended by Dembe, Park, and a squad of operatives at the dock. There’s a shootout. Park pursues Laszlo into a freight container, where they fight, culminating in Park’s headache returning and the loss of Laszlo. Ressler discovers records suggesting LaCroix and Reginald Cole conspired to bribe a number of people, including tech tycoon Stanford March, while searching the LaCroix residence (Christopher Gerson). They pay a visit to March, who explains that LaCroix and Cole were attempting to extort money from him by threatening a criminal case based on a sexual assault accusation from a former nanny. To avoid any future legal issues, March paid them off.

March’s previous babysitter had never heard of Cole or LaCroix, Ressler discovers at the Post Office. The entire March extortion was a ruse concocted by the two men who died. Ressler is taken aback by the scam’s brilliance, prompting a disgruntled Cooper to rage at him for not taking it seriously enough, given that his life is on the line. Cooper later apologizes to Ressler for his rage and believes that the con Cole and LaCroix were doing could be the key to solving the case.

Clara enters the motel room, expecting to clean a dead body, and is greeted by Red and Weecha (Diany Rodriguez). Red, who she recognizes, informs her that Kaplan is still alive. Clara is unaware of Kaplan’s return, and even if she were, she would not inform Red. To get the truth out of her, Red phones Brimley (Teddy Coluca). Clara didn’t know about Kaplan’s return until two days ago when Brimley left her a message with instructions to meet at an abandoned building that night, Brimley informs Red. Red phones Cooper and tells him everything about Kaplan, and the two of them walk to the building together. From the building’s window, Red notices Mr. Kaplan, who appears to be alive. Weecha and his guys make the decision to go in and get Kaplan. However, they are ambushed as they enter the building, revealing the entire situation to be a set-up. The building suddenly explodes. Is Weecha Xiu dead? we’ll have to wait and see what the future brings.

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