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Percy’s body is discovered in the previous episode of The Sinner Season 4. Detective Harry Ambrose’s eyes did not fool him that fatal night on the bluff – the troubled girl did, in fact, step off the cliff and die. Mike reveals that he saw Percy quarrel with Colin before he died. Meanwhile, Sonya gets home to find her house has been looted. Continue reading to find out more about episode 4 in the recap section. What’s ahead for the latest episode of The Sinner? The Sinner Season 4 Episode 5 titled “Part V” has the most up-to-date promotional materials, including the promo and synopsis, at

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In tonight’s episode of ‘The Sinner’ will presumably dwell on Harry’s inquiry into Percy’s ritualistic practices. The evidence suggests Percy’s death was a sacrifice to a demon from the island’s legend. Harry may go into Percy’s past to understand her ritual obsession. He may also discover the identity of the mysterious Valerie, who Harry met in the woods after Percy died. Something ominous is happening on the island, and Harry must tread carefully. Maybe we’ll discover more about Harry and Sonya’s relationship, which soon deteriorates due to Harry’s obsession. These two families may be more connected to Percy’s death. Watch The Sinner S04 E05 Preview below.

The Sinner Episode 405 Synopsis: Ambrose investigates and discovers the source of Percy’s ritualistic practices and dives deeper into her past.

The Sinner Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

The Sinner Season 4 Episode 5 will release on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Netflix. The most recent season will include eight episodes, each lasting between 40 and 51 minutes.  Season three premiered in the United States in February 2021 and was released on Netflix five months later, thus UK fans may expect to wait until March 2022 for season four. Filming in Nova Scotia, Canada began in April 2021 and ended in August.

Where can I watch S04E05 of The Sinner Online?

At the given time and date, Season 4 Episode 5 of ‘The Sinner’ will be shown on USA Network. The show can also be streamed on a smartphone or computer by going to the USA Network’s official website or using the USA Network app. The Sinner fans can choose from a variety of services, including Fubo TV, Direct TV, Sling TV,  Youtube TV, and Xfinity Stream. Previous seasons of the show are available on-demand through Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, the Microsoft Store, and Google Play. Previous seasons are also available to watch on Netflix.

The Sinner Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Percy’s body is discovered in the previous episode. Percy’s death is ruled a suicide after the Muldoons are summoned and it is revealed that she died after going from the cliff. Raskin provides the Muldoons the option of stopping or continuing the probe. To Harry’s dismay, the family decides to close the case. Percy was carrying a Celtic star sign with her when she died, and Harry discovers it. The word “Valerie” is etched behind the symbol. Sonya tries to persuade Harry to leave Hanover Island and move on from the case. Harry hesitantly accepts the offer. Harry follows the symbol to Colin’s yacht. Colin is tracked down by Harry in an AA meeting, where he laments his last encounter with Percy.Meg calls Harry the next day to meet with her and explains her willingness to continue the research. Harry announces that he will be leaving the island.

At the Lam family diner, Harry meets with Raskin. CJ persuades his father, Mike, to speak with Harry before departing. Mike reveals that he saw Percy quarrel with Colin before he died. Meanwhile, Sonya gets home to find her house has been looted. Outside the door, she notices a red raincoat-clad figure, but she can’t see the person’s face. She is adamant about leaving the island, and Harry lets her off at the docks before deciding to stay. Colin bullies Percy’s ex, Brandon, at Percy’s burial, which Harry attends. Brandon is subsequently seen wearing a red raincoat, which he notices. After spotting another person wearing a similar raincoat, Harry considers following Brandon but decides against it. Harry gets onto Colin’s boat later that night, only to be trapped beneath the deck. In the midst of the water, Colin confronts Harry. Colin claims that he was attempting to assist Percy by encouraging her to believe in God. She was, however, plainly under the power of someone else and had begun sketching weird paintings. Colin gives Harry the drawings, but when Harry implies that Colin was involved in Percy’s killing, Colin shoves Harry off the boat.

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