‘The Silent Sea,’ a new South Korean thriller, takes Netflix into space.


The newest Netflix mystery-thriller series takes drama to unprecedented heights — space. Fans of Squid Game will enjoy the new South Korean sci-fi program The Silent Sea. The drama is based on Choi Hang-short Yong’s film The Sea of Tranquility, which he wrote and directed. Choi will also create and direct The Silent Sea for Netflix.

Despite the fact that the show is set on a risky lunar research trip, the show’s production site isn’t extraterrestrial. Here’s what we know about The Silent Sea and the location where it was filmed.

Where did ‘The Silent Sea’ take place?

The Silent Sea follows a team of experts deployed to the Moon in pursuit of a mysterious sample from the abandoned Balhae Base research station. Because the Earth is dying and experiencing a desert-like metamorphosis, the specialist team’s mission is critical.

The performers filmed The Silent Sea in a much more Earthbound environment, as with all shows and movies about space. Filming for the episode apparently took place in August 2020 in South Korea, according to What’s On Netflix.

Gong Yoo, who has appeared in films such as Squid Game and Train to Busan, came to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes photographs from the set of The Silent Sea. The sets appear to be fitted out with futuristic lighting and furniture to resemble the interior of a space station in the photos. To achieve the perfect faux-space environment, the majority of the filming most likely took place on a sound stage in South Korea.

Who is in the cast of ‘The Silent Sea’? When will the show be available on Netflix?

The Silent Sea is chock-full of South Korean celebrities whose speculated appearances in the show will undoubtedly make them household names. Gong Yoo portrays Han Yoon-jae, the exploration team leader who will go to any length to keep his squad safe. He shares the screen with Bae Doona, who has previously worked with Netflix on dramas including Sense8 and Kingdom. Doctor Song Ji-an will be played by Doona.

“An astrobiologist who joins the team, determined to find the truth behind an accident at the now-abandoned Balhae Base research station on the moon,” says Doctor Song Ji-an. Lee Joon, a former member of the boy band MBLAQ, completes the core trio of characters on the show. Captain Ryoo Tae-Seok, the head engineer, is Joon’s character. He volunteered for his position on the mission in order to avoid a desk job at the Ministry of National Defense.

Finally, Gong Yoo reunites with Heo Sung-Tae, who plays Kim Jae-sun, the Chief of the Aviation Administration’s Resource Group. The Silent Sea will contain eight episodes, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, and will premiere on Netflix on December 24, 2021.

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