The Secrets of Polygamy: Matt Browning

A&E’s “Secrets of Polygamy” is one of the most interesting investigative shows on TV because it digs into the secret truths of polygamist societies. The show takes a look behind the scenes of religious groups like the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), and the Kingston clan (The Order). One investigator, Matt Browning, stands out in the unexplored realms of polygamist communities and the nebulous realm of white supremacists. tvacute learns more about Matt Browning, the man who is at the center of the study.

Where is the Ex-FLDS Member Faith Bistline Now?

Who is Matt Browning?

Meet Matson Matt Browning, the man who brings the dark truths in “Secrets of Polygamy” to light. He is one of the most important people in the fight against the secret abuses in polygamist communities because he is so dedicated to telling these stories. He has infiltrated, documented, and disrupted White supremacy movements for over 25 years.

Matt was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). His journey is very different from the ways his ancestors lived. In the first episode of A&E’s “Secrets of Polygamy,” Browning uses his past and experiences to show how shockingly real polygamist communities are. His great-aunt Ann Eliza Young went against the group and became a harsh critic. She used to be married to religious leader Brigham Young’s 55 wives.

Matt took a different path after leaving the FLDS at a young age and worked for 20 years for the Mesa Police Department. During his job, he did work undercover and became famous for getting into white supremacist groups like the National Alliance. When Matt told everyone about his undercover job in 2007, the risks became painfully clear. As a result, Neo-Nazis began to target his family. Even though things are hard, he is still dedicated to justice and revealing hate in these groups.

Who is Matt Browning’s Wife?

Tawni Browning

Matt Browning is married to Tawni who is a casting producer. Their long-lasting romance began in high school for more than 30 years and they have five children together. They both come from families with many wives. Tawni said about her faith, “I mean, all the way back to our ancestors—five generations ago, but still…” My grandpa was in the Mormon battalion and had many wives.

When Matt’s work as a spy against white racists became public in 2007, the couple’s life took a sudden turn for the worse. Neo-Nazis started to threaten them after they told the truth, making their lives a fight against hate. Attacks like these on her family made Tawni get engaged. She started to learn about white nationalist groups online.

Their constant work to uncover and stop hate groups has saved many lives and brought justice. They used fake names and beliefs to try to get hate group members arrested. She made a fake account on, which used to be Facebook for fascists and started talking to the would-be Schutzstaffel. She was setting the stage for them to continue working together after Matt retired in 2011.

Where is Matt and Tawni Browning now?

Matt Browning has been a Security and investigative Consultant at RIVR Media since 2014. This shows how versatile and skilled he is in the field of investigations. At the same time, he runs his own business, the Skinhead Intelligence Network, which he started in 2005. With a degree from Arizona State University, Matt is now a Court Certified Gang Expert and an Investigator whose job it is to help FLDS church members, especially those with kids, get out of the church.
Matt is involved in more than just exposing polygamist societies. He now helps former members look for their lost children, who were often taken away from them because of how abusive the communities were.  The Browning couple’s influence goes beyond writing; there are several TV projects in the works about them. Their work to end hate and unfairness has made them famous, which makes them perfect for interviews, production projects, personal visits, and guest hosting.
Matt Browning is still a strong advocate for justice. He co-wrote “The Hate Next Door: Undercover Within the New Face of White Supremacy” and was on A&E’s “Escaping Polygamy.” Tawn is the supervising/casting director on “Escaping Polygamy,” which shows how committed he is. They still work together as a dynamic pair, working with officials to break down oppressive systems and speak up for people who are trapped in them.

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