Where is the Ex-FLDS Member Faith Bistline Now?

The show “Secrets of Polygamy” is supposed to go into great detail about the extreme practices of these polygamist groups. It shows what happened after FLDS head Warren Jeffs was given a life sentence for sexual crimes against children. Faith Bistline is one of these survivors. This new series on A&E, which features people like Faith Bistline, shows the harsh realities that people who leave these towns face. tvacute discusses her past and her current status.

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Who is Ex-FLDS Member Faith Bistline?

Faith Bistline was born to Deborah and Ladell Bistline Sr. in 1992 into a polygamist family with three mothers and 27 brothers. The FLDS, which is known for practicing polygamy and is led by Warren Jeffs, made Faith’s childhood difficult because she was likely to be put in a planned polygamous marriage from a very young age. At the age of 19 Faith later made the brave choice to leave the FLDS church when she met a boyfriend who had already left the group.   This was a turning point in her life.

Warren Jeffs, a guilty child sex offender serving a life sentence, was in charge of the FLDS. The group was known for having multiple wives and abusing children sexually in the past. Faith’s dad was kicked out, maybe because Jeff had a dream that linked him to the crime. His decision to kick her father out of the church made things even worse between Faith and her family.
Faith’s escape was tense because her brothers were after her after she snuck out to meet her boyfriend. She finally left the neighborhood with the help of her boyfriend. After Faith left the church, she had to cut ties with her family because leaving the FLDS meant being seen as the “worst of the worst.”
Faith talked about problems she had, like getting used to new clothes, hairstyles, and makeup. She also talked about how hard it was to match up what she thought about the outside world with what she saw. Even though she had to deal with a lot of problems, Faith not only survived but also did very well.

Where is the Ex-FLDS Member Faith Bistline Now?

Ex-FLDS Member Faith Bistline

Faith Bistline is currently in Phoenix, Arizona, where she works as a registered nurse in the emergency room for Banner Health, a non-profit company. After leaving the FLDS in 2011, Faith went on a journey to find herself. She went to college and finally found her place in the world as a nurse. Even though it was hard to get used to life outside of the FLDS, Faith’s strength and drive helped her build a successful career. This shows how important it is to have your own identity and freedom.
Aside from her work, Faith is still actively working to expose the FLDS and other similar groups’ practices by appearing on the A&E show “Secrets of Polygamy.” Faith wants to make people more aware of the abuse that goes on behind closed doors and the reasons why it keeps happening in these secretive groups by talking about her own experiences. Her advocacy goes beyond her own story, showing that she is dedicated to protecting the rights and well-being of people, especially children, who are stuck in these kinds of situations.

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