The Rookie Season 5 Finale Recap

The Rookie Season 5 Finale Recap: With reports circulating that a group of masked assailants has declared war on the LAPD, the season concludes on a tense and scary note. Training officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and his colleagues must stay alert and ready for anything in order to protect themselves and the citizens they have sworn to serve, as tensions are high and more violence is possible. Season 5 Episode 22 of The Rookie, titled “Under Siege,” follows an attack on Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) and Celina (Lisseth Chavez) with a string of near misses that leave the team wondering if their division is the target of masked assailants. Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) told Metro Cop (Diana Atai) that the attack took place at 4 a.m., and after treating the two victims, Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) said that the perpetrators were wearing “the creepy kind” of masks. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Rookie Season 5 finale episode continue reading at

 The Rookie Season 5 Episode 22 Recap

Aaron and Celina were returning home from a late night of D&D when they heard a disturbance down an alley. Aaron is attacked when he and his partner are dividing up their patrol of the alley. When Celina comes to his aid, he finds the man on his knees, as if he were about to be executed. The assailant strikes Aaron in the back, and one of his two sidekicks knocks out Celina. But before she loses consciousness, a masked man leans in and whispers a strange rhyme in her ear.

While Aaron undergoes surgery, Celina decides to make a point to tell Nolan the rhyme before she passes out once more in the emergency room. When Nolan and Bailey get back to their house, they both look out the kitchen window and see one of the masked men. Nolan sneaks outside to face him, but he’s the only one who sees the mask, so whoever attacked Bailey is probably still inside. When the man attacks John, Bailey gives him as much as she gets, even stabbing him in the back with a knife. The assailant shows no sign of stopping, though, until Nolan shoots him in the shoulder. The attacker turns out to be a well-paid mercenary once the prints are returned.

The same thing happens to Nyla and James while they are at home and she sees a man in a mask on the baby monitor. The crib will be empty by the time she makes it to Leah’s room. When she and James provide a chase, the villains escape in a car. Thankfully, Nyla and James discover an unharmed Leah hiding in the bushes. While in the hospital to have their third child, expectant parents Angela and Wes work the rhyming riddle on the whiteboard in Angela’s room, with the help of Grey’s wife Luna. They figure out that the final line of the puzzle is a palindromic phrase that reads “TRAP EVIL A REVILED GOD.” The suspects’ eerie masks remind them of a lyric from a short-lived Los Angeles play. Gracco, the thug who bought the masks, is dead when the crew storms his house, which is also full of explosives.

Seven people who A) hold a grudge towards Mid-Wilshire Division and B) are connected to Gracco and are identified as the source of the following lead. Tim and Lucy work together to go to the house of a close-to-zero-threat suspect named Luke Moran, but it turns out to be a trap. As a team of masked, shield-toting thugs marches in establishment toward the, Lucy and Tim understand the same thing. Lucy and Tim take to the stairs to get a better vantage point of their enemies outside before turning, brandishing their batons, and unleashing a flurry of blows. Moran cornered, decides to commit suicide by cop as Nolan and company arrive to help; meanwhile, Nyla utilizes her sniper abilities to eliminate the remaining attackers on Lucy and Tim.

Despite the fact that the threat has been eliminated, Nolan can’t help but marvel aloud to Sgt. Grey and the rest of them how Moran, who had done 90 days for elder abuse and was not a man of means, managed to recruit mercenaries. A pair of Escalades are seen driving down the freeway in the contrary direction as they ponder that and additional LAPD units and ‘copters arrive at the scene of the altercation. Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun, who plays Donny, is traveling in the lead vehicle and he can’t help but crack up at the all-out police pursuit. In the meantime, Angela and Wes had their baby girl and Aaron was just getting out of surgery/been placed in a coma with Celina by his side, hoping against hope that he would pull through when the Code Blue alarm went off and the medical staff rushed in.

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