The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: Explained! What Happened to Robyn?


Robyn McCall is too tough to bring down because she used to work for the CIA, and Mel and Harry are constantly on her side. The most fascinating aspect of The Equalizer Season 2 Finale, and the message that continued creeping up after Bishop’s death, is that no one is safe. This was especially true because every time Robyn tried to take down Quinn, she risked her own life and the lives of others around her. Let’s find Out The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 18 Recap

McCall broke into Cuba’s embassy in Washington, D.C. She killed numerous guards, grabbed confidential documents, and fled on a motorcycle. She had acted rashly. She would never do something like that regularly. Bishop’s death, though, has had an impact on her. She lost her mentor, and as a result, she spiraled downward. She was ready to go to any length to find his killer. Mason Quinn was who she desired. Quinn was a formidable foe. Everyone told McCall not to pursue him after he nearly killed her the last time they met. They were all concerned that it was too dangerous. Even her family was concerned. Mel and Harry had been caught off guard. They were concerned about her actions at first, but they wanted to hear her reasons for doing so first, and it was only after they had heard the whole tale that they expressed concern. They didn’t want her to pursue Mason Quinn alone.

THE EQUALIZER finale recap-

when Carter summoned Quinn’s retired Cuban intelligence officer Delgado for questioning, it appeared that Robyn had been shot. but she hadn’t, and the phoney shooting was staged to force Delgado to divulge Quinn’s diabolical scheme with him. Of course, it worked, and Carter, Robyn, and the CIA discovered Quinn was intending to detonate a dirty bomb in New York. Carter even persuaded Robyn to return to the CIA for a limited time to lead the task group tasked with stopping Quinn’s bombing.

But first and foremost, McCall needed to be present for her daughter Delilah. She checked into a hotel. She saw Delilah communicate with Vera and Vera descend off the brink. Delilah had been incredible. McCall was delighted she was there to see it. How did it turn out! Who is Vera? What happened to her? let’s find out!

Vera, Delilah’s bestie, had been subjected to pornographic cyberbullying. Her angry and petty ex-boyfriend sent a naked picture of her to the entire school, humiliating her so horribly that she considered suicide.

Delilah realized Vera was going to kill herself and attempted to phone her mother. She called on multiple occasions. Nothing was successful.

Delilah sought help from her mother after hesitating, and Robyn’s vigilante squad, Mel and Harry, worked tirelessly to remove the photo from the internet and give Vera a new start. When the girl admitted to her parents that she had texted the boy instead of having sex with him, they were able to bring charges. Dante then stepped in and arrested the boy in front of the entire school, thereby turning the tables on him. Meanwhile, Delilah, not only persuaded Vera to leave the ledge and fight back, but she also defended Vera against their classmates’ mockery and reminded them that they may be next. The students rallied around Vera, and Delilah instantly comprehended what Robyn meant when she said that it felt good to help individuals who can’t rely on traditional tactics to save the day.

At the end of the episode, When a black SUV T-boned into the side of Robyn’s car, she was going to tell Aunt Vi and Delilah about the case and why it had been keeping her away from them. A bunch of men then leaped from the vehicle, pulled Robyn from her car, hooded her, and abducted her. Aunt Vi and Delilah, terrified, yelled for Robyn, but it was too late. Quinn was most likely to blame for her disappearance.

Not only was this terrifying for the two individuals who loved and cared the most about Robyn, but it was also devastating since Delilah and Robyn’s relationship had reached a turning point. After saving her friend’s life Delilah may be too terrified to fight the good fight now that Robyn’s life is in jeopardy. Fortunately for fans, Seasons 3 and 4 of The Equalizer have been renewed, so we know Robyn will save herself or be rescued – we just have to wait and see how.

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