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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 20 Recap “Enervo”

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This week, The Rookie aired the second installment of their planted pilot for a spinoff starring Niecy Nash as Simone ClarkThe Oldest FBI Trainee. With a better understanding of Simone and her prospective coworkers.

Part 2 began with the dispersal of the five rented box trucks holding GPS-triggered C4 explosives, titled “Enervo.” Grey and Garzo flew through the sky in an FBI helicopter, while Nolan and his team scrambled about town trying to find the trucks. One vehicle did explode, causing the 110 bridge to collapse, killing 17 people and injuring hundreds more. The other four, on the other hand, were all apprehended and apprehended.

Harper pushes people onto the highways. Nolan and Simone Clark travel together, and he advises her to think like a commuter, which offers her insight into the location of the next bomb. Chen and Tim Bradford track down one of the other trucks and stop the driver, only to discover that he has no idea what’s going on. Schmitty, much to Grey’s joy, finds another truck. They’re down to one truck, and Nolan and Simone Clark are on it.

To stop the vehicle, Nolan rams into it. Grey and Matt go to the CIA to speak with the agents. The death toll now stands at 17, with another two dozen people injured. When conversing with the CIA station chief, who knows more than he’s letting on but hasn’t disclosed it, Grey and Garza strike out, and then speak to someone after they depart.  When Cutty learns that Simone Clark has been in an accident, she is upset, but Casey appears to cover for her. Tim Bradford contacts an old colleague who used to run CIA activities while they were away, and he and Nolan go to speak with her. A hairbrush is stolen from the station chief’s home by the terrorist.

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Casey and Clark discuss their personal and romantic relationships. They track down Tim Bradford’s ex-girlfriend Kate and ask her about Enervo. She freaks out and screams they’ve had a drone on her, but before she can finish, a man named Colin arrives with a group of people and says he needs to take Kate in. Tim Bradford and Nolan try to stop it, but after she leaves, Bradford nags her. They hunt out Kate and reunite her with her, and she informs Tim Bradford that he has betrayed her. With Casey, Clark is searching the hub for information on the terrorist. Garza wants to build a new squad, Casey informs Clark, that will focus on being on the streets rather than filtering information through technology. Clark slips away to speak with Zeke. Through some protein bar, she may receive a lead on him on how to discover the terrorist.

After Garza tells Kate that she won’t be returning to the CIA, they press her for more information, and she reveals that Enervo was an unofficial Black Ops program aimed at destabilizing foreign cities without firing a shot. And that Ilya was a Russian who was recruited for the operation, but the CIA abandoned him when the Russians arrested him and accused him of being a spy. And now he’s gotten out of prison and is using everything he learned there against him. After Zeke provides her with the outline of the candy bar, Clark meets up with her father while he isn’t answering the phone. He’s there with Wesley and James, two of Clark’s former classmates. Because he still plays chess with some old acquaintances, her father gives her a lead on the Russian candy bar.

Simone Clark dials Nolan’s number and requests that he meet her at the deli where the bars are located. When Ilya arrives at the deli, Simone Clark informs Nolan, who is still on his way. He tells her to take a step back, but she refuses. She tries to converse with Ilya, but he knocks her out. When the hairbrush returns to the station manager, Grey and Garza arrest him.

the rookie season 4 episode 20- recap

He orders his thugs to eliminate Ilya at all costs. Ilya is being pursued by Nolan and Simone Clark in the aquarium. Before the goon team arrives to take them out, they grab him and he gives them his story. Although there is a shootout, the cops arrive and arrest the others.

the rookie season 4 episode 20 recap

Maybe they’ll work together again in L.A. if Simone Clark graduates from the academy. Clark was offered a ride to the airport by Nolan, but her father, Cutty, insisted on doing the honors instead.

The Rookie Season 4 Episode- 20- NIECY NASH, FRANKIE FAISON, NATHAN

after shaking the hand of the police officer who had saved his daughter’s life. Simone Clark must return to Quantico.