All American Homecoming Episode 10 – It’s Bringston’s Service Week

All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 10 will release on The CW on Monday, May 2.  People at Bringston are going to help each other this week because it’s “service week.”  

We learned more about Amara’s past and how she’s been battling for justice since her sophomore year of college in All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 9. Long-distance relationships are difficult, Simone asked him to come, so it’s clear they still care for each other.. Continue reading All American Homecoming Episode 9 recap below. After watching this episode, fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode. has brought more information about the All American Homecoming Episode 10 for you which you can check below.

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All American Homecoming Episode 10 Recap

All American Homecoming Episode 10 Spoilers

 “Move On” is the title of the sequel to Homecoming and it will cover a wide range of issues. People at Bringston are going to help each other this week because it’s “service week.” This episode contains a number of major stories, as you could expect. We’re delighted for many of them, but we’re also concerned about their long-term viability. Simone, ecstatic about service week, pours all her volunteer efforts into her mentee and finds help from unexpected allies. Meanwhile, Damon’s effort to discover his father’s link to Celine yields some unexpected results. Thea decides to tackle her concerns But instead of getting help from the administration, Amara gets it from a surprising source. For more information, see the All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 10 promo and Summary below:

All American Homecoming Episode 10 Photos

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All American Homecoming Episode 10 Synopsis

MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Excited about service week, Simone channels all her volunteer efforts into her mentee and gets an idea for a bigger project and get assistance from some unexpected allies. Damon’s quest to learn his father’s connection to Celine has some surprising revelations. Keisha and Cam get into a conformation making Keisha realize she needs to continue to focus on self-improvement. Still reeling from what happened, Thea decides to confront her fears. Meanwhile, Amara learns who is out to get her, but doesn’t seem to get any support from the administration, rather she does get support from someone surprising. Eric Dean Seaton directed the episode written by Hollie Overton (110).

All American Homecoming Episode 10 Release Time

All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 10 will release on The CW on Monday, May 2 from 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET. The first season of All American: Homecoming will most likely consist of 13 episodes.

All American Homecoming Episode 9 Recap

Jordan surprised Simone following the events of episode 8. Jordan explains to Simone how he was able to get in, and he says Damon was the one who let him in. Later, Jordan brings up Damon again, prompting Simone to inquire about her and Damon’s relationship. On a date, things become messy. Jordan’s phone rings as Simone goes to the bathroom. Simone returns and hears him. Jordan then asks about Liv, but Simone says he was talking to Layla. But things look fine with them. Amara’s mug shot is examined by the group. Jordan arrives at his dorm. When he says he follows Damon inside, it becomes awkward. No one is pleased when Amara announces her intention to resign. Damon informs JR that his father recognized JR’s mother. Marcus introduces the other showcase team as well as the coaches. Damon is being pursued by the opposing pitcher. Thea informs that she and her date Kevin will be attending a party that evening.

Nate and Simone offer to accompany them as a backup. Santiago’s pitching style is preferred by the other coaches, and Damon’s pitching style is thought to be excessively slow by the other pitchers. Amara isn’t interested in a farewell party. She doesn’t want to make a fuss or stay somewhere she isn’t welcome. Kevin is trying to get Thea drunk since he doesn’t like the bodyguard, aka Nate, observing them. Jordan is perplexed as to why Simone and Damon are no longer friends. He also spends time with Layla on his phone. When Damon joins the team, he discovers that Shaw recruited the other pitcher and that he lost his spot on the team because of it. Kevin is combative with Thea. Damon comes to her rescue and threatens him. Damon looks after Thea so she isn’t alone. Terry reveals that an article will be written about him. He and Marcus had a fight regarding their drug use in the past.

In the showcase, everyone was trying to outdo the other team, and Damon gave a lecture about sportsmanship. Simone and her friends arranged an event for Amara to show her how much she was needed. Amara informs them of their arrest. Nate and Simone find out who uploaded the mug shot in the cliffhanger. Simone tells Keisha towards the end of the episode that she thinks things between her and Jordan are going in a new direction. Marcus is seen attempting to take his mood-disorder medicines, but ultimately decides against it and discards them. Amara receives information from Simone and Nate regarding who is attempting to sabotage her. Amara realizes the person seeking to get her has a particular grudge against her when they show her a photo of someone at school.

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