The Rookie Feds Finale Recap: The mystery of a buried FBI Agent

In the season finale episode titled “Red One” of The Rookie Feds Simone (played by Niecy Nash-Betts), the show’s newest cast member is excited to spend her 49th birthday with her coworkers. Their vacation is derailed, however, when they are asked to look into the horrific case of a federal agent (Guest Star  Sam Trammell,) who was drugged and buried alive in the desert outside of Las Vegas. In their desperate pursuit of the perpetrator, the crew must temporarily set aside their individual lives. As they work together to solve this heinous crime and stop any more damage from being done, tension and suspense are at an all-time high. provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

The Rookie Feds Episode 22 Recap

The finale episode opens with, Simone’s father Christopher ‘Cutty’ Clark being released from the hospital. His health was improving. Simone was trying to provide responsibility for him while discovering that having him assist with the preparations for her birthday party helped divert their attention from his illness. They shared a mutual enthusiasm for celebrations. Simone felt better than she ever had before on her 49th birthday. She had grand ambitions, and she knew she could count on Simone’s father Christopher to help her realize them. The problem with the invitation list was unique to him. Simone was hoping to have everyone there. They were all invited in the end. Only, most of them haven’t replied to the invitation.

Christopher had a great deal of compassion for the predicament. It’s Los Angeles, he informed Simone. People made efforts to keep their schedules open in case a more desirable opportunity presented itself. He had no grounds for anger at them. He behaves the same way as if it were another kid’s birthday celebration. Simone was having none of his explanations. Her birthday celebration, she insisted, was more essential than everything else. She extended the invitation to her entire work group. There was silence from Matthew Garza (Felix Solis), a “no” from Carter, and a “maybe” from Laura Stensen. Simone, therefore, went out to persuade everyone to attend her party.

The lawsuit got in the way of Simone employing her charm at work. Neal Wizaro (Sam Trammell), an FBI special agent, was discovered alive after being buried in the desert outside of Las Vegas. He traveled all the way back into town. He sought aid and reported to authorities that all he could recall was the colors red and one. As he made his way back to the city, he kept saying that to himself. He told the police that was all he could recall. There were examinations conducted on him as well. The truth serum obviously had an effect on Wizaro. To find out what happened to him, the FBI was called in, and they also had an idea. They thought FBI agent Wizaro had been targeted because of what he understood about the cases. Matthew sent his team on a plane to Sin City. They decided to probe Wizaro on their own. They learned that his reason for being in the city was to check up on another agent.

After Tom Mathis was in a car accident, he began investigating the agent. The process was meant to be mundane. Wizaro felt he could wind down the crazy night with a drink in his bar, and that’s the last thing he can recall about it. There were reports of a crazy party being held in his room. One university student even claimed agent Wizaro handed him a suitcase full of movies to watch. It looked like a bomb to the kid. He didn’t do anything with the luggage since Neal had promised assistance and said he had solved a case, but no one came to help him until they started investigating Wizaro. Neither the college guy nor the significance of the suitcase stayed in Neal Wizaro’s mind. He had no recollection of the prostitutes who had attended the celebration in his room. They were eventually able to locate one of the women.

the woman said she was recruited by an outside party to make agent Wizaro happy. She elaborated on what he looked like. They rushed again to Wizaro and asked him about the man; Neal Wizaro confirmed that the man was the agent he had been looking into. Tom, it turns out, was bored at his desk job outside of Sin City. To make ends meet, he chose to become a drug runner for a criminal organization. Before his car accident, no one suspected him of using his federal badge to make illegal deliveries across the border. Tom was getting nervous that Neal had his suspicions. And so he took care to have agent Wizaro boozed up. To make it appear as though agent Wizaro was having a good time, he surrounded him with a group of scantily clad ladies. He ended up only taking pictures. He didn’t perform the burial for agent Wizaro.

When FBI Agent Neal Wizaro was buried alive, Tom was off getting drugs. When they came to question Tom, they discovered that two members of the cartel were waiting in his rear office, making him an easy target. It escalated into gunfire. They were all arrested by Laura Stensen and Brendan. Tom was compelled to tell the truth after they discovered cocaine stashed in his work vehicle. It’s not true that Tom gave Agent Wizaro some kind of narcotic. That was another person. The FBI kept digging and eventually identified a suspect named Ridwan (Pej Vahdat). It was probably Ridwan, but NealWizaro misheard it as red-one. An Arab by the name of Ridwan. He accompanied a group to the United States. After questioning Wizaro about a previous mercenary who betrayed his own group, they drugged him. Geoffrey Kerkhoff (Callum Blue) was the name of the hired gun. After the two men reached an agreement, Wizaroturned over Kirkoff’s case to a US Marshall. What they needed from Neal Wizaro was the identity of this US Marshall.

Neal Wizaro reluctantly abandoned her surname. He recalled it too late; she had already been away. She, too, had been dosed with a truth serum and then murdered after her mission was completed. She gave out the secret identity and address of Geoffrey. Matthew learned about it. He took his group to Geoffrey’s residence. One was apprehended, two were slain by Geoffrey, and one made it home to his loved ones before he did. Simone put herself in harm’s way to protect Geoffrey’s loved ones. It was her birthday, and birthdays are a particularly fortunate time for her. Her bulletproof jacket stopped the bullet in its tracks.

The Rookie Feds Episode 22: Ending

Geoffrey’s loved ones were spared. As a result, he was spared. The fact that someone like Geoffrey got an offer for a fresh start with plenty of money despite all the individuals he murdered made Matthew upset, so he decided to adopt a new persona. Those who wished him dead did so because he had already killed members of their family. As a result, Matthew was struggling to accept the reality that they had made a bargain with a monster. However, today was Simone’s special day. She had just been shot, therefore her squad owed her one. Everyone attended her celebration of life. She received some wonderful presents. In most cases, Brendon Acres (Kevin Zegers) was the source. Simone talked to Brendon about his tendency toward overcompensation, but she and he will always love each other no matter what. And guests did arrive to celebrate her special day.

Fans are waiting anxiously to hear whether or not “The Rookie: Feds” will be renewed for a second season.

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