The Oval Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Did Hunter Franklin Die?

In the first episode of Season 5 of The Oval, you’ll be thrust into the heart-pounding world of the White House, where drama can break out at any time and in the most unexpected places. This exciting episode shows us what happens after a seven-month break following the First and Second Ladies’ balcony brawl that left them hanging. Get ready as tvacute explores the tumultuous aftermath, which revolves around power struggles, surprising alliances, and survival.

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Is Hunter Franklin still alive?

The Oval Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

A stunning reveal in the highly anticipated Season 5 debut is that both First Lady Victoria (Kron Moore) and Second Lady Simone (Kaye Singleton) survived their dangerous fall. These strong ladies overcome the difficulties, coming back stronger than ever to continue their intense conflict. Driven by victory, Victoria deftly uses the Secret Service to hold Simone down while she scores some more strikes. Victoria’s triumphant yell, “Lock her up!” reverberates throughout the White House as her adversary is hauled away, heightening the tension.

After Victoria defeats the Second Lady, the narrative thickens when she discovers her coked-out husband, Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn), unconscious on the floor of the Oval Office. Hunter’s illness is diagnosed by White House medics as a fentanyl overdose, providing a stunning twist to the drama that is playing out, which causes tension to rise. Victoria’s boastful declaration of her capture leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Luckily, Victoria takes advantage of another chance to celebrate her victory when she speaks with the Vice President of the United States Eli (Russell Thomas) on the phone. She tells Simone about the altercation with a sly smile, comparing it to a fight on the street for a desired piece of chicken. Faking worry for Simone for a brief while, Eli quickly makes the connection: does Hunter’s temporary outage make him the president?

Meanwhile, Allan (Nick Barrotta) and Dale (Derek A. Dixon) confront their role in a narcotics network that operates out of Kareem’s pharmacy while exchanging smoldering glares in the police station. Allan ends himself in jail, but a story twist shows that he may be involved in a romantic relationship as his future partner helps him hide an enigmatic box.

The White House Chief of Staff Donald (Lodric Collins) reappears in various parts of The Oval world, well and strong, thanking the “hot piece of ass” in his bed for taking shots that were meant for him. Now going by the pseudonym “Mike,” Jason gets involved with a cult, and Nancy Hallsen (Ptosha Storey) wakes up in the hospital, not remembering that she attempted suicide but suspecting Richard of being involved in a murderous plot.

The episode’s moments feature a genuinely “W-T-F” moment when Priscilla (Taja V. Simpson), trying to leave Bobby’s hotel room with elegance, is abruptly and violently interrupted. The audience gasps as Sam (Walter Fauntleroy) charges in and unleashes a hail of shots into Bobby’s chest. Sam gives his wife an odd order as the show comes to an end: “Bitch, get home and wash my f–ing clothes.”

The Oval Season 5 Episode 1 is essentially an emotional rollercoaster that combines power conflicts, survival, and surprising turns to produce an engrossing story that has viewers waiting impatiently for the next development.

Episode 1 of Season 5 gives us a taste of what’s to come as we make our way through The Oval’s maze-like corridors of power. The story spins a web of mystery around everything from fentanyl overdoses to balcony fights, drawing viewers in and keeping them interested. The characters add to the intricacy of this White House drama with their distinct motivations and allegiances. As The Oval Season 5 continues its gripping trip into the center of political power and personal upheaval, stay tuned for more twists and turns.

The Oval Season 5: Is Hunter Franklin dead or alive?

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