‘I Woke Up a Vampire’ Filming Locations and Where to Watch it Online

I Woke Up a Vampire Filming Locations – Hi there! Are you searching for an engaging combination of teen comedy and dark fantasy? “I Woke Up a Vampire” is making waves on Netflix, captivating viewers of all ages with its captivating blend of suspense, humor and darkness. Created by Tommy Lynch of Canadian origin – “I Woke Up a Vampire” offers binge-worthy entertainment at its best!

With an amazing cast including Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie Henley, Niko Ceci as Kev Gardner and Zebastin Borjeau as Dylan Helsing – and more – this series promises to keep audiences hooked from its inception. But, what is its story all about and where were these captivating scenes filmed? Let’s discover this fascinating world of “I Woke Up a Vampire.”

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 1 Plot Summary

I Woke Up a Vampire Season 1 Plot Summary

“I Woke Up a Vampire” is a coming-of-age tale with supernatural elements. The plot follows Carmie Henley, an ordinary teenager who discovers her extraordinary lineage on her 13th birthday; not your typical teenager; she is actually known as a Vampling, which means her life takes an unusual turn as middle school becomes all but supernatural!

Carmie struggles to discover her newfound identity while simultaneously navigating adolescence, school life and the presence of Van Helsing’s descendant in her world. The show seamlessly interweaves themes such as identity, self-acceptance, friendship and growing up into its storyline – making it ideal viewing for families.

'I Woke Up As A Vampire' Filming Locations

‘I Woke Up As A Vampire’ Filming Locations

Have you ever wondered where “I Woke Up a Vampire” was shot? Filming for season one began in Ontario around Toronto during the summer of 2022 and wrapped by early October of that year.

Toronto, known for its multiculturalism and variety, provided the ideal setting for this exciting series. Magnolia Middle School, where Carmie attends, was recreated on various film studio soundstages in Toronto, such as Pinewood Toronto Studios, Revival Film Studios, TriBro Studios Studio City Toronto and Backlot Film Studios; each location helped shape this mystical institution.

The production team explored Toronto streets and neighborhoods for exterior scenes with towering skyscrapers in the background. Keep an eye out; you may spot local landmarks like Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Royal Ontario Museum or CN Tower, which add a real-world feel to the series.

Toronto’s film-friendly environment and cost-effective production options have led it to become an epicenter for numerous film and TV projects over time, such as “Suicide Squad,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” “What We Do in the Shadows,” Gen V,” and The Boys.”

As for personal touches from the cast, teen actor Niko Ceci, who plays Kev Gardner, shared that one of his favorite scenes took place at a comic shop and found its nostalgic atmosphere and the presence of Collector (Kris Siddiqui) especially enjoyable and inspiring – providing us a peek behind-the-scenes. These insights offer us a look into its magic.

Who Stars in the Teen-Comedy Fantasy Series?

“I Woke Up a Vampire” could not have achieved success without its stellar cast. Kaileen Angelic Chang stars as Carmie Henley; her portrayal as an innocent teenager discovering their supernatural powers is both convincing and heartwarming, drawing viewers in with every scene from her exciting journey.

Niko Ceci takes on the role of Kev Gardner, Carmie’s best friend, in this tale of friendship and relatability for young viewers to connect to their friendship.

Zebastin Borjeau brings mystery and intrigue to his portrayal of Dylan Helsing, keeping the audience intrigued throughout. Supportive cast members, including Ana Araujo, Kris Siddiqi, Aaliyah Cinello and many other noteworthy actors, add further charm.

“I Woke Up a Vampire” features an outstanding creative team behind-the-scenes, led by Tommy Lynch as creator and featuring talented directors like Michael McGowan, Warren P. Sonoda, Jesse Shamata and Lisa Rose Snow as directors. Additionally, Tabia Lau, Veronika Paz, Renuka D Singh Singh, and Thomas Conway provide writing teams that add their creative touch.

Are you ready for an engaging journey that seamlessly blends the supernatural with everyday? Stay tuned for the premiere of “I Woke Up a Vampire.” This web series promises an adventure full of self-discovery, friendship and supernatural twists – don’t miss it! Don’t miss this binge-worthy web series!

Where and How to Watch Teen Horror Comedy

Where and How to Watch Teen Horror Comedy?

Now for the exciting part–where and how you can watch “I Woke Up a Vampire”. “I Woke Up a Vampire” can be found streaming across several platforms, allowing viewers to dive deep into this magical world. However, its main source of availability for viewers is Netflix, allowing easy accessibility for avid followers.

Amazon Prime Video also allows viewers to stream the series; however, remember that availability varies based on your location. But here’s a clever hack: for easy searching and watching of favorite programs across various streaming services, Yidio offers an innovative centralized platform solution combining them all.

Dependent upon your location, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may provide access to this amazing show. Be prepared for an adventure-filled journey with Carmie, Kev, and their incredible friends! You won’t want to miss it!

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