Are You Ready for The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 “Welcome Back to the Neighborhood”

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1: A new season is soon to begin – On Monday, September 19, during the fifth season premiere of “The Neighborhood,” Dave unintentionally causes a community-wide power outage.

In the course of their careers, actors Max Greenfield and comedian Cedric the Entertainer have provided television viewers with some genuinely memorable chuckles. He played a crucial part for Cedric the Entertainer on well-known series including The Steve Harvey Show and The Soul Man. Despite how amusing the two’s separate efforts were, when they teamed up to co-star in The Neighborhood, they hit the jackpot. Both men are prepared to continue telling the tale of two people who h ave almost nothing in common but discover that despite their differences, they can be fine neighbours and even better friends as the popular CBS sitcom enters its fifth season.  To discover out, we’ll have to dig a little deeper The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 ( has everything you need to know, including the promo and release date.

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The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 Spoilers

With the seaon 5 titled “Welcome Back to the Neighborhood” debut, viewers will get their first taste of Schiff and Martin‘s writing, in which Dave elects to cut the Johnson residence from the grid and unintentionally triggers a community-wide power outage, which, of course, enrages Calvin. For Calvin, those panels on Dave’s roof serve as yet another indicator of the ways in which the world is altering in ways he doesn’t like. Calvin must find the spirit of the community he loved once the power is out and everyone pulls together. –  WRITTEN BY: Mike Schiff DIRECTED BY: Victor Gonzalez

Following the resignation of season 4 showrunner Meg DeLoatch, officials behind the scenes have hired both Bill Martin and Mike Schiff to work as co-showrunners for season 5. This news was first reported in Deadline. Cedric the Entertainer and Martin and Schiff are once again working again after their previous collaboration on The Soul Man. If there is a discernible change in the series going forward, viewers will have to wait and see.

The Neighborhood Episode 5.01 Synopsis:- When Dave decides to disconnect the Johnson home from the grid, he inadvertently causes a community-wide power outage, much to Calvin’s frustration. Also, in the wake of Marty’s engagement, Tina struggles with no longer being the primary woman in her son’s life.

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 Cast

• Cedric the Entertainer as Calvin Butler
• Max Greenfield as Dave Johnson
• Beth Behrs as Gemma Johnson
• Tichina Arnold as Tina Butler
• Sheaun McKinney as Malcolm Butler
• Marcel Spears as Marty Butler
• Hank Greenspan

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 Guest Cast

• Ashley Harris (Grover Johnson)
• S. Malik (Trey)
• Brian Andrew Carter (Thad)
• Traci Belushi  (Sherri)
• Hayden Lam,  (Quan)
• Kieu Chinh Nguyen (Mai)

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 Release Date

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 1 will release on Monday, September 19 at 8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+ once it airs on television. . You may also watch the new episode on CBS’ official website.  If you’re a cord-cutter, you may watch the forthcoming episode on DirecTV, YouTube TV, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube, FuboTV, Amazon, Hulu Live TV, Spectrum, and Xfinity’s live TV streaming and VOD services.

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