The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 9 Recap “Allegiance”

 The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 9 is set up with a lot of moving parts and a rescue that went horribly wrong. June  (Elisabeth Moss) and Luke (O-T Fagbenle learn Tuello’s strategy after the previous episode’s cliffhanger. We’ve generally been in the dark about the Americans. Mark has been left on his own to represent the refugees in Canada. Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) deceitfully made it to the fertility clinic’s opening and took advantage of the time to vanish. As we approach the season finale, the penultimate episode investigates our main character’s allegiances. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 9 titled “Allegiance” continue reading the recap at

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 9 Recap “Allegiance”

After the suspenseful conclusion of the last chapter, June and Luke are informed of Mark Tuello’s strategy. He describes their plan to get Hannah  (Jordana Blake) and the other 30 kidnapped kids out of the Wife School they’ve found as they move through a big hangar bay. Three aircraft are waiting to slip beneath Gilead’s radar and swoop in to save the kids as part of a task force that Tuello is launching that very night. Although June expresses her gratitude for the opportunity, she begs to be able to view the live feed of this important event. Photographs of Serena and Noah are shot for the upgraded Gilead Centre. Alanis Wheeler adds that this image will serve as the reception area’s welcome mat, but Serena wants to carry out this duty personally and requests admission to the grand opening. The domineering Mrs. Alanis Wheeler (Genevieve Angelson) declines Serena’s offer, claiming that the infant wouldn’t benefit from the germs and encounters with others. After that, Serena is told to keep manufacturing bottles, and she complies on June’s recommendation. Later, she poses the same query to Commander Wheeler, and her overt efforts to win him over are successful. She mentions enlisting more supporters and sharing her miraculous story with them. Mr. Ryan Wheeler (Lucas Neff ) promises to consider it. Serena was playing the game June asked her to play when she was on a totally different level of the same plane.

In attendance are Commander Joseph Lawrence (Bradley Whitford ), Aunt Lydia Clements, and a distraught Naomi Putnam. She just saw her husband brutally slain right in front of her eyes and now she barely recognizes the woman she once was. Commander Putnam’s wife Naomi (Ever Carradine) has now joined Serena in our initial sympathy. As soon as Lawrence asks about her future, she begs to not be transported to the colonies. Lawrence makes the wackiest marriage proposal ever by requesting that she move in with him. While Lydia is present to lend moral support and back the argument. Although Naomi doesn’t seem overly delighted with this offer, she is given some time to think it over. June and Luke show up to view the evacuation footage on the live feed. Aerial footage of the school is shown, and there are numerous screens showing sophisticated military intelligence.

The next scene cuts to Hannah reciting a chant in the school, this time in real-time. After that, she goes to bed and adds her name to a drawing that she had tucked away in a book. Unexpectedly, Hannah is written on the paper in place of Agnes. Is this June’s imagination or the truth? Hannah, have you held on to your former life all this time?  All data is suddenly destroyed as soon as the planes pass the borders of Gilead. The girls are safe, but the three planes were all destroyed by Gilead’s military with no survivors, Mark Tuello (Sam Jaeger) tells the couple later.

Lawrence calls in an effort to persuade June to relocate to New Bethlehem one last time. He constantly upsetting her with the idea that she might run into Nick again and with claims that the former couple might possibly live nearby. June finds Lawrence’s lackadaisical response to this tragic situation offensive; as a result of his actions, people have died. She responds by striking him in the painful areas. According to June, his wife saw Eleanor die without intervening and privately detested him. Despite having tears in his eyes, Lawrence doesn’t bite. Lawrence acknowledges that Hannah’s return to her house will never happen despite June’s pleading. She screams down the phone in rage and then lashes out at her garden, completely giving in to her emotions. A smug Alanis is enraged by her husband’s abrupt change of heart, but Serena is given permission to attend the Centre’s opening. Serena receives two face slaps from her for her dishonest behaviour, and she is told to keep away from her boyfriend. For this transgression, Alanis calls her a w***e and attends the beginning. There, Serena’s adoring fans congregate around her as they gaze in admiration at the adorable infant and her mother. Serena claims that Gilead, along with her devotion to God and the area’s cleanliness, enabled her to create this small miracle.

With a strong desire to step in, Alanis stands to one side. She informs Serena that she will be attending tomorrow alone herself and Noah before requesting the infant’s bottle. Serena requests to go and nurse in solitude but appears to have forgotten the bottle. She rushes out of an exit door onto the street with this justification, which provides for the ideal escape. She charges out in front of the flow of traffic and gets a car to pick her up. Tuello offers June the chance to talk with Nick in person as a type of peace offering when his most recent plan fails miserably. He wants her to convince the man to defect in the hopes that it will inspire other Commanders to follow suit. When June sees her ex, they talk about their alternatives, but they are both obstinately matched.

Nick: I have to do whatever it takes to protect my family, just like you.
June: I want what’s best for both our families. Well, this is a fine mess, isn’t it?
Nick: The world’s a mess.
June: Yeah. Do you know what I wish, though? I wish the world would just go away, just for a little bit.
Nick: It’s going to be hard for us to see each other.
June: I don’t want to make trouble for you.
Nick: Do me a favor, and tell Nichole that I love her. Tell her I love her and I miss her all the time. Will you do that for me?
June: Of course, I will.

During the little time they spend together, it is easy to observe how their love for one another moulds and forms them. Given that he now has a wife and a child on the way, Nick is adamant about staying in Gilead. While June, for understandable reasons, declines to relocate to New Bethlehem. They are precariously close to one another and declare their love for one another, but before Nick can embrace June, he pulls away. What do you think this season’s outcome will be? Is there any possibility that the Americans will be able to extract Hannah from her captors?

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