The Good Fight Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Is Eli Gold Dead?

The Good Fight Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Is Eli Gold Dead?

The shocking twist in The Good Fight Season 6 Episode 4 was originally meant to be much more dramatic. Eli has come back in Episode 2 only to kill him in Episode 4. An anti-semitic assassin aims to kill Eli Gold (Alan Cumming). He watches in horror as Democratic power broker Frank Landau (Mike Pniewski) actually receives the fatal shot due to a case of mistaken identity. The episode was filled with a range of feelings. The significance of Ri’Chard’s addition is finally discussed in the show. Prior to Liz realizing he was there for some ulterior agenda, he had only been present in the play. At the same time, it’s bizarre how Ri’Chard (Andre Braugher) and Liz’s (Audra McDonald) romance keeps changing.  provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

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The Good Fight Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

A car bomb close to Dr. Bettencourt’s office barely spares Diane (Christine Baranski) and him. All around the region, people can see the effects of the vehicle bomb. Marissa has joined her father’s legal team while the hearing in the case of Eli Gold proceeds. Eli, a fraud suspect, continues to avoid all of the investigators’ inquiries until he runs into Frank Landau, a witness. Eli signals Marissa, who requests a brief break so they may plan how to prevent Frank from turning against them. Ri’Chard returns to Reddick & Associates and quickly takes over by making promises the company can’t keep. Liz urges Jay to look into Ri’Chard’s background because she doesn’t grasp what he wants.

Marissa (Sarah Steele) demands to cross-examine Landau, but during the court session, she is accused of joining the defense team so that Eli could prevent her from testifying. After all, Marissa did assist Eli in gaining access to a security system. Later, Eli tries to approach Landau at the Democratic fundraiser and ask him why he turned against him. An unidentified male nearby shot Landau during their disagreement, thinking Landau was actually Eli Gold, a Jew. Eli had begun to feel responsible for Landau’s passing and was about to give up when Marissa consoled him. Eli feared that he would soon be killed by someone. Marissa was forced to abandon Gold’s legal team and testify against Eli once she was back in the courtroom. Liz gave her some counsel before she could do that, and Eli did the same by going to a bar with Diane. Eli and Marissa were both inspired by Diane’s encouragement to keep up the good fight.

In court, Marissa acknowledged that Landau had erred when he assumed the wrong thing after observing her assisting her father with new technology. During this time, Liz and Ri’Chard, who were at odds with one another, made the decision to forgo the Democratic fundraiser in favour of spending the evening together. Liz joined Ri’Chard in his very own happening mansion and learned a lot about him. Ri’Chard described to her how a partner at his ideal firm previously chastised him for wearing subpar attire and refused to hire him as a result. Liz encouraged Ri’Chard’s ideas at the company because of their strong emotional connection. After completing a background check on Ri’Chard, Jay told Liz that the partner who insulted Ri’Chard is none other than her father. Liz and Jay started to have doubts that Ri’Chard has a hidden motive at play. As Liz continued her PT-108 therapy, she developed an obsession for Dr. Bettencourt.

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