The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17: Will Shaun and Jared have an opinion?

The Good Doctor episode 6.16 served as a sort of “backdoor pilot” for the spinoff series The Good Lawyer. Shaun (Highmore) spent the whole hour discussing a new law firm and the OCD attorney with whom he hoped to work. This spin-off was only loosely connected to the original, yet it was nevertheless interesting enough to attract viewers. The first half hour was spent on character introductions and setting up a situation that was similar to Shaun’s at St. Bonaventure. Glassman (Richard Schiff) has known Janet Stewart (Felicity Huffman) for years and has relied on her for all of his legal needs, although strangely, he has never revealed this. Are you looking forward to a new episode of The Good Doctor after watching the backdoor pilot for its spin-off The Good Lawyer? ( This article will provide you with all the information you require for the upcoming sixteenth episode of The Good Doctor Season 6.

A sneak peek at “Half Measures,” the nineteenth episode of Season 6 of “The Good Doctor.”
The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 16 Recap “The Good Lawyer”

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Spoilers

This episode is titled “Second Chances and Prior Regrets,” thus the first thing we should take into consideration is the name of the episode. But, despite the fact that this is going to be a very contemplative episode of the plot, it will also be a lot more traditional than the previous ones. There’s an awful great deal of cause to get thrilled about this situation. Modu’s surgical resident  Dr. Jared Kalu who has recently rejoined the show will play a significant role in that episode. Will Shaun and Jared have an opinion? Will Jared be able to remain there for some time? That is yet to be determined. we have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to run into a few unexpected surprises as the story progresses. In addition, There is still a great deal that lies ahead and we are confident that Shaun and Lea having a child will play a significant role in the narrative at some point in the future. Check out the promo for The Good Doctor episode 6.17 below in order to get some more information about what is going to happen in the near future:

When Will The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Air?

On Monday, March 20 at 10:00 p.m. EDT, ABC will telecast a brand new episode 6×17 of The Good Doctor. Hulu users can view previously aired episodes from a variety of shows in their entirety. You may catch it on Hulu as well as ABC’s website. Viewers can access the program through a wide variety of VOD services. The Good Doctor is available for streaming on Netflix for members outside the US. Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV both offer live TV streaming to consumers. All five seasons may be purchased individually or as a set right now on Amazon Prime Video.

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