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The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11

The show’s previous episode 10 of The Equalizer dealt with a stolen family artifact belonging to a Black family with decades of history. Robyn became involved in the case after the family’s oldest member requested to see the stolen painting one more time. Robyn agrees to work with skilled thief Jessie Cook due to the case’s vital timeliness. . Read the recap episode 10 below. Do you want to know when The Equalizer season 2 episode 11 will be back on CBS?  We’ll have to move on in order to see this. provides some news for The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11.

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers

The episode title is “Chinatown.” The episode’s promo discloses a little bit about the plot of the upcoming episode. Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) will take up a misinterpreted case in Chinatown. Despite the fact that the incident was ruled out as an accident, Robyn feels it was a planned attack. You can expect a case with a comprehensive investigation, possibly with Melody (Liza Lapira) and Harry (Adam Goldberg) involved. Check out the promo and the synopsis below.

The Equalizer Episode 211 Synopsis: –  McCall and Mel work with a jaded ex-cop to find the killers of a beloved Chinese American restaurant owner, who was the victim of a hate crime masked to look like an accidental electrical fire.

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11 Promo

The trailer for The Equalizer Season  2 Episode 11 was recently published by CBS. It alludes to a particularly tense situation involving a crime that has been ruled out as an accident.

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11 Release Date

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 11 will release on Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 8:30/7:30c, 8/PT on the CBS Television Network. The Equalizer can also be watched on the CBS streaming service Paramount+. You can watch The Equalizer for free for seven days before you pay $5.99 a month for the service. YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and fuboTV are some of the streaming services that let you watch The Equalizer on the go. The last few episodes of the show will keep airing on Sunday.

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

A woman whose grandmother survived the Tulsa Massacre in 1921 sought to recover a valuable artwork of her great-grandmother that had been taken by racist thieves, but she was having no luck or getting any justice. Nardoni, a descendant of the terroristic larcenists, refused to return the portrait, and police intervention was futile. The woman’s grandmother, who was almost a century old and on her deathbed, was also working against them. Robyn instantly realized why the law would turn a blind eye because Nardoni was a generous supporter of a police charity. Robyn discovered Nardoni had locked the painting away in a high-security storage room known as the Vault after a little digging and surveillance. However, the location was so impenetrable that not even Harry and Mel were able to find a way in.

This is when Robyn realizes she’ll have to rely on a former coworker named Jessie “The Worm” Cook, who is played by Jada Pinkett Smith as a guest star. Robyn traced “The Worm” to her next con when the thief poisoned a rich man to distract his bodyguards while she sneaked into his safe to take a 22-carat diamond, in order to find Jessie, an infamous and brilliant cat burglar with a photographic memory with whom she had worked as a CIA operative. When Jessie cracked the safe, Robyn took the diamond and kept it in her hands until she was sure she had Jessie’s complete attention. She told the thief about the painting and the job, and she assured Jessie that if she helped retrieve the art work, she could steal whatever else she wanted from the Vault.

Jessie agreed, Robyn returned the diamond, and a day or two later, she led Jessie to Harry’s underground cyber hideaway so Jessie could study the Vault schematics and figure out a way in. Jessie wasted no time flirting with Mel and Harry and fighting with Robyn as Robyn removed her blindfold. When reason won, Jessie claimed she’d help get the painting back and even revealed some information she’d gathered by meeting up with the Vault’s architect. Jessie, as Robyn had predicted, made the mission difficult by constantly improvising and failing to follow Robyn’s strategy. She didn’t receive a keycard as promised, so she knocked a guard out and used his keycard instead. Of course, this same guard awoke in the middle of the retrieval and activated the alarm, which meant Robyn had to leave the picture behind. Robyn shouted at Jessie and threw her out of her truck after they nearly fled, enraged and frustrated, especially because Jessie had taken the time to steal a pair of Marie Antoinette’s diamond earrings instead of focused on the mission at hand. Robyn was the one who had to improvise now.

As Nardoni’s thugs attempted to transfer his paintings, Mel and Robyn stole his delivery vehicle, but the evil ones gained the upper hand, and the weapons were turned on Robyn and Mel. They returned the two women to Nardoni’s residence, where he insulted and intimidated them before ordering his men to dispose of them, but Jessie had other ideas. She knocked out the main baddie (which must be her specialty), and Robyn and Mel quickly dispatched the rest. They bound Nardoni, set fire to his home, and took his painting. For good measure, Jessie lifted a Basquiat the thief had. Nardoni was eventually arrested for money laundering by the cops. Robyn returned the family portrait to her client, and her grandma saw her mother’s gorgeous face for the first time in 100 years. Meanwhile, Jessie seemed to feel satisfied with Robyn more than she had in the past, and she considered the possibility of the two of them collaborating again in the future.

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