The Dead Files Season 14 Episode 2 “The Thing” Release Date

The Dead Files Season 14 Episode 2

Are you ready for tonight with a brand new episode of The Dead Files Season 14? Travel Channel’s popular paranormal series debuted on September 23, 2011, and will consist of six episodes. A paranormal researcher and physical medium Amy Allan uses her talents to connect with the dead in this series, often taking on their roles and reliving their deaths, while a retired homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi searches for concrete proof using his years of investigative experience. They uncover unexplained paranormal activity in haunted locales around America. The parallels between the duo investigators’ observations are forcefully apparent when they come together to present their findings.

“The Thing” is the title of the fourteenth episode. A new case for the duo where a mother faces paranormal activity in her childhood house. read the complete synopsis below taken by travel.

The Dead Files Season 14.2 synopsis: Amy and Steve go to Oxnard, California, where a terrified mother is facing an onslaught of paranormal activity in her childhood home. She believes whatever’s in the house killed her husband and her father, and if left unchecked, it will kill again!

The Dead Files Season 14, Episode 2 will release on Saturday, Oct 30 at 10 pm | 9c only on Travel Channel. also available on Amazon Prime

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