[Penultimate Episode] American Rust Episode 8 “St. Sebastian” Photos – Preview – Release Date

American Rust Episode 8

Billy tries to adjust to prison life in episode 8 of American Rust. Aneesha learns Amanda is pregnant. Harris and Steve discover Jackson is bringing fentanyl-based drugs to Buell under deceased names. Lee persuades Billy’s lawyer to let her join her team. After seeing episode 7, fans are eager to see what episode 8 named “St. Sebastian” has in store for them. At www.tvacute.com, you can get a promo for the release date as well as a synopsis.

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American Rust Finale Episode 8 Recap

American Rust Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers

American Rust Episode 8, ‘St. Sebastian’ will be the season’s penultimate episode. Harris will track down the drug dealer who supplied Trent the substance, leading to Bobby, who is still hiding in a West Virginia cabin. Lee will try to get Billy out of prison while keeping the authorities away from Isaac, but she will fail. meanwhile, Grace will likely track out the arsonist.

American Rust Episode 108: Isaac is taken in by a kind stranger; Grace’s union drive is put to the test; Billy fires his public defender; Harris realizes what he has to do.

American Rust Episode 8 Release Date

‘American Rust’ Episode 8 will release on Showtime on October 31, 2021, at 10 p.m Showtime. Season 1 has nine episodes that air every Sunday. Canadians may watch it on Crave. It will also be available on the Showtime website and app. To watch the episode on these platforms, a paid subscription or a 30-day free trial is required. It’s also on SlingTV, FuboTV, Spectrum, and DirecTV. Subscribers to AppleTV can watch it here.

American Rust (2021) Episode 8 Photos

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Bill Camp, David Alvarez, Alex Neustaedter, Julia Mayorga, Mark Pellegrino, and Rob Yang also star in AMERICAN RUST. Futterman, Daniels, Michael De Luca (Escape From Dannemora), Adam Rapp (The Looming Tower), Paul Martino (Inside Game), Katie O’Connell Marsh (Narcos, Hannibal) for Boat Rocker Studios, and Elisa Ellis are executive producers on the series.

American Rust Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Billy wakes up in prison to a terrible sound. As the doors open, his cellmate prepares for the day. He is quickly identified as a target by his other inmates, who take a keen interest in him. Grace is questioned after the vehicle bombing about who might be envious of her. The name Kelsey is evident, as is her warehouse supervisor. The union arrangement has ruffled many feathers. Grace begs Harris for aid, but he’s officially off the case. So Harris goes to see Lee, who has been spending a lot of time with Billy. As for drugs and who else could have been at the Mill that day, Harris is clinging to a sliver They haven’t heard from Isaac either, which enrages Henry.  When Harris talks to Tom, he has better luck. So Harris shows up and inquires about the pills. He speaks quickly. Pete Novick was his dealer, but only occasionally.

Harris finds the owner’s revolver behind his till at the pharmacy. Harris decides to stake the facility after-hours. Harris interrupts the power. Harris finds a monthly Fentanyl prescription for Novick on Jackson’s computer. Harris hardly has time to comprehend this before he’s invited to a home party later that night. A youngster overdoses on Fentanyl. Speaking of ODs, Harris’ Fentanyl prescription list is lacking. Everyone on this list has died. Steve says that’s almost 2000 pills every month. Jackson is a thug, but Harris is using him to catch bigger fish. That evening, Billy is in hot water in prison. Billy gets into a violent brawl with another inmate in front of the guards. Surrounded and unable to flee, they fight. Billy beats his opponent to a pulp. Lee persuades Billy’s public defender to let her be part of her team.

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