The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 [Season Finale] “I’m the Blues,” Preview

The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 on Sunday, September 4 new episode will air on  Showtime. The urban drama created by Lena Waithe and based in Chicago is now wrapping up its fifth season and has just been given a renewal for a sixth.

Are you interested in learning more about The Chi season 5 episode 10? We have well on our way to an amazing conclusion to the season. This is the last episode of the show! It’s going to be dramatic, gut-wrenching, powerful, and just about everything else you’d expect from a show like this, so get ready for all of that.  We will now talk about plot of The Chi Season 5 Episode 10. At, you’ve come to the perfect place.  We’ve compiled all of the officially revealed information regarding The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 so far, including release dates, promo, and more.

 The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers

There can be no better title for this show than “I’m the Blues,” and you can’t find a better title than that. It really adds to what’s going on here in a good way as well as being set. But for some, it’s likely to be good here amongst many the matter seems to be settled. We’ll see if Emmett supports Jada. Kisha and Tiff, who were having a tussle between them, now their situation seems to be resolved. Since the series has already been renewed, there are going to be some loose endings here. Is the finale episode going to be a cliffhanger? Interestingly, Trigg makes a decision that will significantly affect his life. Be sure to read the full synopsis of The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 to get some additional information and a better idea of ​​what’s going to happen next:

 The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 Photos Preview

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The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 Synopsis:  Emmett supports Jada. Kiesha and Tiff come to a resolution. Pressure mounts on Douda. Trig makes a life-altering decision. Season finale.

The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 Release Time

The Chi Season 5 Episode 10 will air On Sunday, September 4, at 9 p.m. ET On Showtime. On September 2, 2022, the episode will be accessible via the Showtime app. The episode was originally scheduled to broadcast on Showtime on August 21, 2022, however, Paramount Press Express reports that the show received a one-week preemption” after which the new time slot was assigned. you have options like DirecTV, Philo TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. You can buy or rent episodes of ‘The Chi’ on VOD services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and iTunes.  “The Chi” is not available on the streaming service, HBO Max customers may feel let down.

The Chi Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

Emmett confesses to Keisha that Tiff attempted to seduce him when they were out for a morning run. Keisha feels dejected and aware that she can no longer rely on Tiff. Darnell and Jada dispute about getting married soon. Darnell desires something big and extravagant, while Jada desires something intimate and small. They settle on a modest outdoor wedding as a compromise. Darnell consents to reducing his ideal guest list. When Tracy examines the ROCK’s finances, she discovers that money is missing. Douda accuses Q, and Tracy advises him that he must locate the missing funds and deposit them back into the ROCK’s account. Concerning their future relationship next step, Victor and Fatima clash. Fatima throws Victor out after he doesn’t have all the appropriate responses. She’s had enough of feeling like his sidekick and secret. Keisha would like to speak to Tiff one-on-one to resolve her concerns and salvage their friendship because she is angry with her. Nina discovers brand-new costly clothing, a brand-new gaming console, and wads of cash while organizing Kevin’s room. She rushes to Dre out of fear that Kevin is a drug dealer!

When Jake sees Papa, he learns that Bakari will be staying at his home. Jake and Papa begin to argue. Nuck informs Douda that Q is in a casino and has a severe gambling addiction before she heads to Q’s. Nuck advises Douda to assassinate Q and simply take over. Tiff tells Rob that she attempted to sleep with Emmett on Valentine’s Day when he woke her up with breakfast in bed. Rob yells at Tiff to quit messing around because he is angry. Dre and Nina approach Kevin about his money hoard. He describes how he joined a clandestine gaming scene, started winning substantial sums of money, and is now receiving sponsorship. His mothers don’t trust him because they have no evidence. When Shaad talks to Tierra about his thoughts, he learns that she is simply a user and doesn’t really care about anyone but herself. Tracy is understandably frightened when Douda describes his plans to murder Q and seize control of everything. Deja is the owner of an art gallery that Emmett and Keisha visit. Keisha develops feelings for a picture that she could never purchase. When Douda follows in with his boss, the management advises him to purchase Smokey’s eatery. When Bakari knocks on the door to apologize for Jemma’s miscarriage, Jemma, Jake, Maisha, and Kevin are all present. Jake receives a hug and Jemma’s forgiveness, but he is unable to speak to him just yet.

When Marshawn, Emmett’s hero, arrives at Smokey’s for dinner, Emmett meets the real Marshawn. Emmett is devastated to learn that Marshawn is a liar, has a girlfriend, and doesn’t live up to his words. Jake visits Papa’s to resolve their differences. Papa is angry as he was unaware that Jemma was even expecting. Jake promises to spend more time with Papa and send more texts. Jake is still unable to discuss Bakari. Lynae advises Bakari to write about his life narrative and pursue a career as a writer when he visits her. They embrace. Kevin requests that Simone keep his winnings. Dante visits Rob and then stops by Tiff. Victor confides in Shaad that he considers Fatima to be his soul mate. Victor is advised by Shaad to continue being open and sincere while running for office. Bakari informs Shaad that he plans to become a writer while Shaad says he wants to run a vintage shop. Douda kills Q with two shots to the body.

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