The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21 Recap: Ending Explained

THE BLACKLIST Season 9 Epiosde 21 James Spader as Red , Jonathan Holt-

What happened three years ago? Who was behind Liz’s death? Why did you want Liz to die? Who else is plotting? all of this is revealed in The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21 titled Marvin Gerard: Conclusion (Part 1). Harold has been given permission to form a fugitive task group to find Marvin. Because Marvin knows too much, Raymond can’t allow him to get arrested. Marvin complains to Tyson Lacroix about Reddington making Liz his heir in a flashback. They plot how to have one of Red’s enemies murder her.  Fisker’s soldiers launch an attack on the lodge. Raymond’s life is in danger. In time, Ressler team arrives to save him. How it all turns. Let’s get started with the recap.

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Cooper and Red are chatting, and Cooper wants Gerard to pay for his sins by staying in prison. Red claims that he does not want Marvin to go to prison since he controls a large portion of his empire. In the meantime, Marvin is on the phone with Fisker, telling him that Red’s bodyguard is recovering from an injury.

Did Weecha Xiu die in The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21?

THE BLACKLIST Season 9 Epiosde 21 James Spader as Red , Weecha and her sister in the hospital

Weecha (Diany Rodriguez) is back in the warehouse hospital bed. Mierce (Karina Arroyave) is enraged that Red has put their lives at risk. She holds him responsible for everything. Red urges them to stay while Mierce uses sage around Weecha. Mierce, still enraged, rubs sage ash on him and compares him to the Mayan god of death and human sacrifice. Park tells Aram that she’s experiencing more regular migraines as well as nausea.

The Task Force has been tasked with tracking down Marvin. Cooper needs Red to clear his name, but Red wants to kill him. Cooper’s top priority is to look after Agnes, which he can’t do from prison. Despite his concern for Agnes, Red says that Marvin knows far too much about his organization, which is on the verge of collapse.

Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) requests Cooper’s assistance in protecting Red. Dembe, as an FBI agent, refuses to let Red kill Marvin, but he also wants to make sure Red isn’t compromised. Dembe arranges for a meeting with key participants in Red’s firm to take place at a cabin Marvin is unaware of. Unfortunately for them, Marvin has tapped into Red’s car and knows exactly where they’ll be. He enlists the help of Henrick Fisker (Pawel Szajda), the head of assassin operatives, to kill Red. Fisker informs Marvin that his troops are in place and that he may watch the attack via a video feed, but Marvin declines. He tells Fisker to make it as painless as possible.

We go back to the days of “Neville,” when Marvin caught one of his guys and informed him that Neville had died. He joins forces with him and informs him that he requires Liz’s death and that if he succeeds, he would be fulfilling his mentor’s last request. (all it explain in the below section)

With heavy weaponry, Fiskar’s team approaches the lodge. Suddenly, no one can obtain a signal on their cell phones within the resort. Dembe then notices a small red light near Red’s head and leaps to his rescue as bullets fly everywhere. Outside the lodge, all of the guards have died. There are a lot of dead people inside, but Red and Dembe are still alive. Red broadcasts a distress call on the CB radio in the home, which Cooper receives. Aram gives the order to send a helicopter with a team out there. The Task Force miraculously receives the trucker’s communication and dispatches a squad to rescue Red and Dembe. After Red is hit in the arm, he and Dembe seek refuge in the pantry to avoid the firefight. Later, they emerge to discover Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and a team emptying the cabin. They track down one operative and discover that he works for Fisker.

When we go back in time, we can see where Marvin came up with the plot to frame Cooper with Tyson’s help. Red is acquainted with a Fisker employee. They chase Fisker down and torture him into divulging the location of his meeting with Marvin. Dembe tells the Task Force where Fisker is hiding, but not where Marvin is. He instructs the group to obtain the information directly from Fisker. They are able to locate the site but are unsure if they will there before Red.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21 Recap Ending Explained

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21

Red is seated in the airport when he receives a call from Marvin, who informs him that he is sliding. Marvin offers him a one-time deal to leave. Red claims to be at ease. Marvin claims he is ready to enter a conference that will determine Red’s fate. Marvin climbs the escalator and Suddenly, Red appears in front of his former attorney. Marvin says He should have shot him the day he returned. Marvin claims that he is enraged because he was about to give Liz their life’s work when he was compelled to do so. Marvin is told by Red that he was born to be a follower, not a leader. The Task Force orders the airport to go on high alert, sparking panic among the passengers. Marvin takes advantage of the situation to flee Red. Red contacts Cooper and says he has no idea what he’s done; they’ve just found Liz’s killer and blackmailer. he also added that they can no longer work together because Marvin got away because of the Task Force. He also lost his most valuable ally and friend.

Did Dembe leave the FBI for Red?

In the last-minute episode, Red informs Cooper and cancels their working relationship after realizing Marvin got away due to the Task Force. Red will not benefit from ending his affiliation with the Task Force in the long run. Cooper is Agnes’ guardian, and Dembe is still an FBI agent.

What happened three years ago? Who was behind Liz’s death? Why did you want Liz to die? Who else is plotting? Explained??

Three years ago, with Marvin (Fisher Stevens) standing nearby the night Liz (Megan Boone) was shot, watching Red (James Spader) from distance. Marvin is in tears as he watches his friend suffer the most excruciating suffering imaginable, which he has created. We witness flashbacks of Marvin and Tyson LaCroix (Teagle F. Bougere) conspiring to kill Liz so that Marvin can take over Red’s enterprise. Marvin is in a bar in Tyson, The two share a drink in one scene while Marvin complains about Red. he realized Red was handing over his entire enterprise to Elizabeth Keen. Marvin learns about the GPS medicinal pill from Tyson. Later, Marvin approaches VanDyke (Lukas Hassel) and offers Liz a chance for Red to avenge his mentor, Neville Townsend, who was killed by Red. Two years have passed since Liz’s death, and Marvin is in charge while Red is away. He learns that Red is returning to the business and is determined to locate Liz’s killer. Marvin refuses to take Red out due to their friendship, despite Tyson’s advice. Instead, they plan to dismantle the Task Force, Red’s most effective tool, by blackmailing Cooper (Harry Lennix). We observe Marvin’s complete breakdown when he devised the plan to murder Liz, and Tyson is the one who came up with the idea.

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