The Abyss (2023) Filming Locations: Where was The Abyss (Avgrunden) Filmed?

Swedish film director Richard Holm’s “The Abyss (2023)” Original title: Avgrunden is an action thriller masterpiece that is an outstanding example of a cinematic marvel. In Richard Holm‘s film, a family must face a terrible incident that they had long anticipated. The main character, Frigga, works as a security manager at the Kiirunavaara iron mine in the mining town of Kiruna and tries to strike a balance between her dangerous career and her family. When the city starts to collapse into the mine, the story takes a drastically different turn, forcing Frigga to battle for her life and the lives of those she loves.

Kardo Razzazi, Felicia Maxime, and Tuva Novotny are among the cast members. A plot full of suspense, survival obstacles, and emotional conflicts is suggested by the combination of a dangerous career, family dynamics, and a city in crisis. In addition to delving into the gripping narrative of the Swedish large-scale disaster movie “The Abyss,” it’s fascinating to investigate the actual sites that provided the scenic backdrop for this extraordinary film.

Where was The Abyss (Avgrunden) Filmed?

“The Abyss” 2023 movie goes beyond the usual rules of filmmaking and takes viewers on a trip across several countries. The story takes place in a lot of different places, from the beautiful scenery of Gran Canaria in Spain to the busy, interesting city of Stockholm in Sweden, especially Kiruna Mines. Each location adds a different layer to the story, which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

The Abyss (2023) filmed Locations

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain:

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, Spain, was one of the main places where “The Abyss” was filmed. The underwater scenes that make the movie look so grand were set against the beautiful, exotic scenery and clear blue waters. The scenes that were shot here are very realistic and show how much care was put into catching the essence of the ocean depths.

At the Sandvik test mine in Myllypuro, Tampere, Finland:

The Sandvik test mine in Myllypuro, Tampere, in the middle of Finland was a key part of making the movie come to life. With its mysterious underground feel, this place was used for important scenes that took place deep inside the mine. The combination of the pristine Finnish scenery with the world below ground made for a stunning contrast.

Kiruna Mines in Norrbotten County, Lapland, Sweden.

They were used as another important filming spot for “The Abyss.” They are in northern Sweden. Sweden, the Norrbottens lan area, especially Kiruna, was a visually stunning setting for the tragedy that unfolded in the movie. These mines, which were set in rough terrain, became the background for the movie’s story and gave the mining town in the story a more real feel. The natural beauty of Kiruna gave the scenes a moody feel that made the movie look better overall.

The movie’s crisis theme is based on real events, like when a whole town had to move because of unstable ground caused by mines. The producer of “The Abyss,” Joakim Hansson, stressed how important it was to film in Kiruna, Sweden. He said, “Kiruna is the most important place for the story we want to tell.” But to get better stories and better quality, the production went to three more European countries. This shows how committed the film is to being real and having a lot of visual depth.

Stockholm and the area around it, Stockholms Lan, Sweden:

Sweden’s city, Stockholm, and the area around it, Stockholms lan, worked together on “The Abyss.” The urban landscapes of Stockholm were very different from the remote and rough landscapes. This showed how flexible the film was in recording different types of environments.

Brussels, Belgium

Adding Brussels, Belgium, to the list of places where “The Abyss” was filmed adds an interesting twist to the movie’s trip. Even though Brussels might not seem like a natural place for an underwater journey, it adds to the story with its urban charm. The skyline is used as a canvas for the story, showing how well the movie can combine scenes from different places into a single visual story.

The-Abyss 2023 on the set

The people who made “The Abyss” used all of their creative talent to make a disaster movie that can be seen all over the world. Richard Holm, who directed this Swedish disaster movie with a lot of women, was excited to take the action genre to the next level with a really big production. Holm, who is known for his work on TV shows like “Mother Goose” and “The Machinery,” talked about how important it is for characters to grow for the action to happen.

Yaba Holst, executive producer and head of Nordic acquisition at SF Studios, talked about the movie’s exciting plot, modern cast, and scary-but-possible situation that builds suspense and potential. Not only does the movie promise exciting action, it also wants to tell a story that hits close to home for viewers.

Finally, the places where “The Abyss” was filmed show how the movie went around the world, combining different scenery to make a beautiful and story-filled movie. The creators’ thoughts give us a look at what goes on behind the scenes, focusing on the tricky balance between action, character growth, and making sure that fantastical parts are based in reality.

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