The 100’s The Last War Recap

The 100 Season 7 Episode 16 Photos

 “The Last War” appeared as the penultimate episode ended. Jackson, Murphy, and Raven are already at the Sanctum and hurry to the bay with Emory. They re-shock him with the defibrillator, and Raven rushes to save the rest of his friends and stop Shepherd. Bellamy’s death was not good for most fans, but with another episode to buy the show and end on a more positive note,

Emory died from his wounds, but Murphy took his thoughts into his own head instead of losing them to himself despite the risk. Clark killed Cadogan when he started the test but failed due to his own experience.

At the same time, prisoners Nikki and Eligius rescue the others from the bunker, and Voncru detains the students from buying Clark for a while. Raven takes the test alone, but a jury in the form of Abby Griffin believes that humanity is too cruel and deserves to leave.

Back at the dock, Callie now gone, Clarke is waiting and her late lover Lexa, appears.

Sheidheda provokes a battle that results in Levitt and Echo being seriously injured and trying to stop them. Indra kills Shadehead and Octavia is able to speak to either side.

Return on the battlefield, Octavia starts to scream out her Speech.

As a result, humanity passed the test and everyone except Clark achieved transcendence.

Clark returns to Earth with Russell Picasso’s dog, where the judge in the form of Lexa states that when Clark killed Cadogan during the test, Clark never passed.

However, Clark’s friends have chosen to return to human form and settle together in peace on earth.

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