Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review [Colin’s Secret]

The new episode of “Ted Lasso” culminates in a season-long buildup of fundamental tension. The program has been successful in expanding its scope and delivering more dramatic stories with complex characters. On this episode of Ted Lasso, titled “La Locker Room Aux Folles,” the team encounters fresh obstacles both on and off the pitch.  In addition, fans of Broadway will recognize the score of Jerry Herman‘s popular musical La Cage aux Folles. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9, in case you missed the episode.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

This is the main plot of the episode. Our soccer sitcom is finally ready to tackle the situation of Colin, the Welsh left winger who has been keeping his sexuality hidden from everyone except journalist Trent Crimm. Isaac McAdoo, the team captain, has recently stumbled upon Colin’s secret. However, his behavior towards Colin has been distant and cold. he makes up with Colin later on while playing a video game. The rest of the squad begins to wonder if Isaac is gay after he takes a stand, but Colin quickly dispels those rumors. Colin does come out to the team and is unconditionally accepted by the coaches and fellow players, but Ted Lasso does not depict this happening.

In the latest episode of AFC Richmond’s journey, the tough and uncompromising Roy Kent (played by Brett Goldstein) is less than thrilled about taking Coach Ted’s (played by Jason Sudeikis) place at a press conference. Since Ted had to attend parent-teacher conferences, Roy handles the news conference in his absence. Roy passes the buck to Coach Beard, who then gets into a heated discussion over it.   Roy blows off a press appearance, angering Rebecca and leading her to wonder if Roy’s life strategy is to give up when the going gets tough. She advises him to stop dwelling on his problems and focus instead on pursuing his goals in life. Roy considers her counsel seriously and realizes that his pent-up rage and resentment had destroyed things that mattered to him in his life. He had an epiphany when talking to Isaac about his anger, which leads to his giving the news conference after the game.

This sparks one of Rebecca’s (played by Hannah Waddingham) most unforgettable outbursts yet. In this episode, the tension between Rebecca and her ex, Rupert, reaches new heights as he crosses paths with Nate’s girlfriend, Jade.  Nate’s journey to atonement continues as he begins dating Jade and the couple develops further. In this episode, Jade finally meets Rupert, and Nate’s attempts to be used and corrupted by him continue. When Rupert asks Nate out for a “guys’ night,” he means they’re going to go out and get drunk and cheat on their wives. Nate sees the offer as a chance to bond with his employer, but after hearing Rupert’s plans for the evening, he declines. Instead, he shows that he is still a good person by prioritizing his time with Jade despite Rupert’s efforts to damage their relationship.

In a major twist of events in Ted Lasso’s ninth episode of season 3, viewers are given confirmation that Jack and Keeley’s romantic relationship has come to an end. In the latest episode, the previously smooth-sailing romance hit a rough patch as Jack departed from Keeley’s abode, uncertain of her intentions. In the early scenes of Episode 9, we see that Jack is ghosting Keeley despite her numerous attempts to reach out to him after they decided to take a break. In this episode, Keeley finally receives a response from Jack, but it’s not the one she was hoping for. Jack informs her that she’ll be out of the country for the next few months, effectively putting an end to their relationship. Keeley is left to deal with the aftermath of this official breakup.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

In this episode of Ted Lasso, entitled “La Locker Room Aux Folles,” we are taken on a journey of laughter and heart as the team faces new challenges both on and off the field. In this episode, we witness Colin’s journey as he comes out and the evolution of Roy’s character. The show has received a glowing review for its skillful handling of sensitive topics such as homophobia and mental health with a compassionate touch. In the ninth episode of Ted Lasso’s third season, the characters make it clear that the AFC Richmond team is still cool with Colin, that they care about him, and that they know he is gay. The performances of Billy Harris and Brett Goldstein are especially noteworthy and deserving of praise. In this episode, we see Roy’s character arc continue to evolve, as he undergoes a transformation that could potentially lead him to become the next manager of Richmond. The review also touches on the show’s recurring themes that are explored throughout the series.

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