SWAT Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Is Zoe Powell Dead?

SWAT is getting ready for its series to end in May. The police drama starts its seventh and final season with an exciting two-part story that promises high stakes and a lot of action. The team’s first task, called “Closure,” takes them across the border to Mexico and is very difficult.

At the beginning of the show, Hondo’s (Shemar Moore) team is chasing a fugitive who got away from him ten years ago. The wanted criminal has been found again in Mexico, and it’s personal for Hondo because he wants to finish this unfinished business from his past.

The team faces many problems and obstacles as they cross into Mexico, such as figuring out how to get around on the unfamiliar terrain and dealing with the local officials. The tension rises as they get closer to their target, which leads to an exciting and tense encounter.

When the task goes wrong, though, things get dangerous, putting not only the team but also a key witness in danger. Right now, Hondo has to not only catch the runaway but also keep the witness safe and make sure they can safely return to the United States. Let’s read the recap below.

SWAT Season 7 Episode 2: What to Expect

SWAT Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of SWAT Season 7 is called “The Promise,” and it starts with a return to ten years ago, where Hondo (Shemar Moore) finds a horrible scene. The woman’s throat has been cut, and her daughter Pia is calling for help from a locked room. He fights with the killer, both of them drop their guns, and the killer runs away after a fight.

Now we’re in the present, and Hondo has lost touch with Pia. She has grown up and moved to Miami. As soon as Hondo takes charge of his team, he finds out that Verdugo, the El Salvadorian gangster who killed Rita, is being sent back to the United States. He tries to get in touch with Pia to tell her, but she doesn’t answer his texts.

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Hondo and his team, which includes Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit), Deacon (Jay Harrington), and Tan (David Lim), go to Mexico City to hand over Verdugo. Unexpectedly, Pia shows up at the deportation hearing because she wants to talk to the person who killed her mother. But Verdugo gets away with the help of motorcycles and an IED.

Pia tells Hondo that she quit college and is now traveling around Central America. To find Verdugo, she used dating apps to get close to gang members. She calls the police anonymously, which helps catch Verdugo, but she feels let down again when he gets away.

The Mexican cops have asked Hondo and his team to help them look for Verdugo. They find a clue in Fernando, one of the riders who helped them get away. Fernando tells everyone that Verdugo has a deal with a man named El Barbon and is planning a big theft.

The team finds El Barbon, but they can’t stop him because he’s running away. They find out that Verdugo stole a bomb from the Mexican government that could destroy a whole city. Because Pia thinks she killed her mother, she plans to kill Verdugo herself.

Verdugo grabs her because he is waiting for Pia. Just in time, Hondo comes along and shoots Verdugo dead to save her. But the bomb is still not there. Pia tells Verdugo that she thinks she killed her mother because she brought her cell phone with her when they went into hiding, which led him to them.

Gabriel attacks Powell because he stole a powerful vacuum bomb at the end of the show. Even though a lot is going on and tension, viewers can rest assured that Powell’s situation is not as bad as it seems.

Is Zoe Powell Dead in SWAT Season 7 Episode 1?

Gabriel, who has stolen a powerful vacuum bomb, attacks Zoe Powell, played by Anna Enger Ritch. This is one of the most shocking parts of the show. People watching the scene aren’t sure if Zoe is still alive or dead.

Fans can take a sigh of relief, though, because Zoe’s situation isn’t as bad as it looks. Zoe is probably going to make it through the attack since actress Anna Enger Ritch has been moved to a series regular for the season.

In an interview, Shemar Moore, who plays Hondo, talked about the emotional turn and how it makes the season more complicated. He hints that the team will work together to find Gabriel and stop a terrible attack, which sets the stage for a season full of action.

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